Psalms Book 2, Chapters 42-47

Psalm 42
Psalm 42 was written by the sons of Korah. These men were descendants of Levi (the priestly tribe). This family group was in charge of serving in the temple, some served as gatekeepers. Psalm 42 is one of their songs that they sent to the Chief Musician in the temple.
Verses 1 and 2 are favorites of mine…(Amplified version)….
“As the deer pants longingly for the water brooks, so my soul pants longingly for You, O God. My soul (my life, my inner self) thirsts for God, for the living God. When will I come and see the face of God?”
There are times that my love for God swells so huge that it seems a burden to still be here on earth….I have a strong desire to be with Him face to face forever! Things in this world lose importance in those times. I imagine you have times like that also.
Have you ever heard the Christian song, “I Can Only Imagine.”?
“I can only imagine what it will be like when I walk by Your side. I can only imagine what my eyes would see when Your face is before me.
I can only imagine.
Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel? Will I dance for You Jesus or in awe of You be still? Will I stand in Your presence or to my knees, will I fall? Will I sing hallelujah? Will I be able to speak at all?
I can only imagine…..”
What a love, hope, and joy we have in Jesus for all eternity! It is all about our love relationship with Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!
Continuing in Psalm 42….
No matter how positive you want to think or how much you would rather just “tune it out” or ignore it, Jesus told us the truth that we would always have troubles and enemies in this world. Our enemies would mock and scorn us and scorn God asking, “Where is your God?”
Yet, the Word of God teaches us throughout that we should continue to put all our full faith and trust in God and keep up hope and not depend on what we see or feel. (Hebrews 112:1). That is not easy. We can have thoughts and feelings of being restless, crushed, distressed, anxious, burdened, depressed, opporessed, disquieted, mourning, without joy, and in fear and despair. Yet, that is not being in God’s will. He desires we live by faith in Him. (Hebrews 10:38). Believe that He is faithful!
So, how do we change this thinking around? We need to recognize that the way we are thinking in unbelief is wrong…and repent. Turn to God. Repent of focusing on the world, the enemies, and the stormy troubles instead of having faith and trust in Him as we ought. Remember…this is the same thing Peter did when Jesus instructed him to come to Him by walking on the water during the storm. When Peter focused on Jesus and directed his faith on Jesus, he walked on stromy waves with Jesus. When Peter focused on the stormy waves, he began to sink. But, Peter was wise to immediately call out to Jesus for help!
In this Psalm 42, we have the same message. First, think of our forgiving, merciful, loving God. Then, remember all the times walking with Him when everything was great….like, wonderful timeso f worship and prayer…or times He has helped you out of troubles. Remember times when you did sense the deep and powerful presence of God or when you heard the still small voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to you of God’s love for you and sending a message of revelation, enlightenment, or instruction in wisdom. Remember joyful and hope filled times of worship and praise.
Verse 11 says to set your focus, hope, faith in God and expectantly in faith, wait for Him….and again you will find yourself praising Him for His help and faithfulness! In this way, God is even my help in raising my countenance from despair to hope and joy! Like with Peter, Jesus reaches down to give us a lifting hand and saves us!

Psalm 43
Psalm 43 could be a prayer guide for the situation in the previous Psalm 42.
Lord, judge me to be sure I am guiltless….I repent and receive Your forgiveness if I am in sin unknown to me. I need Your help to live in this ungodly nation alongside unjust and deceitful people. You are my strength and stronghold. I take refuge in You…even when I do not see or feel Your presence…..even when what I am feeling and seeing is the oppression of the enemies.
Lord, send me Your light and truth to lead me. I am confident in Your love and faithfulness. I put all my trust in You. I come to Your throne of grace for help in times of trouble. I can cast my cares on You because You care for me. I can trust You to act and do what is best in Your time. You are Almighty God. I have no excuse to stay in despair, be disturbed or restless. I confidently hope and trust in You. I expectantly wait for You.
I love You Lord! I I rejoice (find joy again) in Your love! Thank You Lord! I praise You and will continue to praise You! You are marvelous in every way! How blessed am I to by Yours, to be so loved by You!

Psalm 44
Psalm 44 deals with some hard issues. Most people prefer to NOT think about these issues….and just ignore them by “thinking positive, happy, warm fuzzy” thoughts. But, these issues are real…whether a person wants to believe it or not.
If you have ever read the Old Testament through, you will know that Israle began with faithful patriarchs and faithful people who followed God. Over time, they strayed from God and eventurally adopted the wicked ways of pagan worldly people. Whe a person or nation moves away from God, they are no longer under God’s blessing or protection. They are then under the authority and dominion of Satan and the fallen world. (Consider the prodigal son parable.)
The only way back to God is true repentance and change. This is not just doing some religious thing or attending religious services, it must be with sincere thoughts, convictions, and actions to change. god knows everyone’s heart…so He knows the truth about each one’s motives.
Here in Psalm 44, they are remembering their faithful ancestors who trusted God and followed Him and His ways. They recall how God was always faithful to be with them and prosper them as a nation.
Beginning in verse 9, they tell about the bad situation and trouble they are now in… their enemy is overcoming and enslaving them! They are taunted and humiliated. People look at them and just shake their head. They ask, why did this happen?
Beginning in verse 17, they say they have not forgotten God and were still going to the temple religious services. They thought they were still living by God’s ways, the Jewish rules. They are even being persecuted because they claim God’s name as their religion. So, why is God not helping and saving them? The truth is that while they were going to temple, bringing sacrifices, and following religious rules; they were also worshipping at the pagan temples and participating in their pagan festivals! They had become an adulterous people!
In verse 26, they ask for God’s help, if only for the reason and sake of His steadfast love. In other words, not based upon what they have done or are doing, but just because God is so loving and faithful! Think about it, what should a faithful husband do with an adulterous wife when she wants what he can provide for her just because his love is so steadfast, but will not return with faithful love?
Do you know how they got in this situation? Deception and following the world and its temptations, and at the same time being OK with religion, but actually not in active love relationship with God! They had become an adulterous people and nation! They walked away from God and suffered the consequences. God always remains loving and faithful. He waits for people to come home to Him.
This is such an important message for American and Americans today! Are we being adulterous, yet saying we are Christian? If the majority and culture of America does not repent and change, what do you think will be the outcome of America?

Psalm 45
Psalm 45 is such a love celebration about marriage to the King! It may have been applicable at the King’s marriages in those days, but it is magnificent in its prophecy of King Jesus and His marriage to His bride!
In Luke 24: 44, Jesus told us that Psalms prophecies of Him.
Hebrews 1: 8-9 quotes Psalm 45: 6-7 in teaching about Jesus, our coming King.
Jesus is fairer and His graciousness pours out. The Father blesses Him forever.
King Jesus straps on His sword, in splendor, majesty, and might. He rides triumphantly in truth and righteousness. Nations fall under Him. Sounds like the book of Revelation, doesn’t it?
Beginning in verse 6, the throne and reign of King Jesus is forever! He holds a scepter of righteousness. He is anointed above all His companions in great joy! His garments are fragrant. His palace is ivory. The musical instruments make everyone glad!
Daughters of the Father are Jesus’ noble ladies. At His right stand His queen bride in gold. She is going to set aside every previous relationshp, and give full love and priority to Jesus, he Beloved. King Jesus desires her inner beauty and precious love. She bows down to honor and follow Him. Glorious is this daughter bride and her garments of purity and righteousness (gold).
This marriage proceeds with gladness and rejoicing as they enter His palace. The Father gives the Son authority to rule over all. He will set up righteous princes throughout the land. The name of Yehushua (Yeshua/Jesus) will be known everywhere for all generations and forever!
“Therefore, the peoples will praise and give You thanks forever and ever!”

Psalm 46
Today, Psalm 46 is speaking to me prophetically of the last days. It says that even when the earth is shaken and mountains fall into the seas, nations war and fall, and there is great desolation, yet, God is still our mighty refuge and impenetrable strength, our very present and well proved help in trouble. He is in the midst of His people and helps them stand firm in Him. So, we should not fear. Jesus will come to make all war cease. The new morning will dawn.
Verse 10-11, “Be still and know (recognize, understand) that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations! I will be exalted in the earth. The Lord of hosts is with us.”

Psalm 47
Psalm 47 appropriately follows the message of Psalm 46. This is a Psalm of victory and praise when Jesus reigns as the great King of the whole earth! People shout, sing, and play trumpets to show worship, awe-inspired reverence, and allegiance to Jesus! He reigns over all nations and sits on His holy throne. He is highly exalted wth thanksgiving and the joy of salvation!

Psalm 39-41 and Summary

Psalm 39
Read this Psalm first.
What does it sound like to you? It sounds to me like David is under strong conviction. It sounds like he was able to control his tongue from saying angry words, but his heart was not right and he held onto unforgiveness. He refrained from doing good. That only increased his pain and distress over it all. The anger in his heart burned hotter and hotter!
Then, David spoke to God… sounds to me like complaining….How long do I need to live here with all this? I feel weak. My short life is nothing in Your hands. A man at his best is just a temporary vapor that vanishes. People walk around like shadows. They make an uproar for nothing. They build up wealth not really knowing who will benefit from it after they die. So, what am I waiting for anyway?
This is where David comes to his senses (verse 7). The Amplified version says, “My hope (my confident expectation) is in You!” David changes his thinking and becomes humble and repentant. He says…..Save me from my transgressions. Don’t make me the scorn of the self-righteous arrogant fool. I am silenced. It is You who has done it. I am wasting away because of conflict and opposition in Your rebuke and discipline. David repents.
Verse 12, “Hear my prayer, O Lord, and listen to my cry. Do not be silent at my tears; for I am Your temporary guest, a sojourner like all my fathers.” He continues by asking God to look away from his transgressions and forgive him, so that he can again know joy in the Lord.

Psalm 40
Today as I read this Psalm, it gives me the message of salvation through Jesus, the Messiah.
When someone stops to come to God and waits patiently and expectantly before Him, then God hears. When someone comes to Jesus to enter into relationship with Him, then Jesus lifts them up out of a destructive world, evil, sin, and death. Jesus sets their feet on the Rock of salvation, and steadies their feet and establishes their path into eternal life. They have a new song of salvation and a song of praise to God!
Many will see, revere, and trust confidently in the Lord Jesus!
Blessed (fortunate, prosperous, favored by God) is the person who makes the Lord their trust…and does not regard the human pride and lies in the world.
God’s wonderful works and thoughts towards mankind are incomparable and too many to count! He saves us when we are yet sinners, by His own suffering and sacrifice!
Burnt offerings, sin offerings, and sacrifieces are not His delight. They are the essential payment for sin and death. God is not blood thirsty. Rather, God opens ears and gives the capacity to hear and obey His good Word.
Beginning in verse 7, we hear from Jesus, the Savior.
Jesus has ascended to the throne in heaven. The whole scroll (book) of scripture (God’s Word) is about Him. Jesus delights to do the Father’s will and His Law is in His heart.
Jesus proclaims the good news of righteousness (joy of obedience to God’s good word and ways).
Jesus proclaims God’s faithfulness and salvation!
Jesus proclaims God’s loving kindness, compassion, and mercy!
Jesus proclaims God’s Truth!
Prayer of salvation: Lord, preserve me and give me Your salvation and life in Jesus. I want to know You. I am putting all my love and trust in You. Innumerable evils surround me and my sins overtake me. Please save me and help me. I need You. Defeat the powers and people who try to destroy me and take my life. They are hateful and would rejoice at my misfortune. But, I will rejoice in You and Your victory over them! All who seek You will rejoice in You! We love You and Your salvation and say, “The Lord be magnified!”
Even though I am weak, afflicted, needy, and a fallen sinner, the Lord takes thought of me and saved me. Jesus is my help and my rescuer, my Savior!

Psalm 41
Psalm 40 spoke to me of salvation in Jesus. So, now that I am saved, what can I expect next? That can be one message found in Psalm 41.
In Matthew 5, we can read about the blessings (satisfaction in God’s salvation and favor, life joy, spiritual prosperity regardless of outward conditions) that we receive through salvation in Jesus. But, the last blessing does not sound much like a blessing….it is persecution for righteousness sake.
This Psalm 41 has a message concerning persecution….which is not a new thing.
Psalm 41 begins with a reminder that God is always with His people to help. God always extends His compassion and grace to us, saying His grace is sufficient for our needs (2 Corinthians 9:8). The Lord will protect, keep alive, strengthen, sustain, and restore to health/ wholeness His beloved people/ family. All we need to do is pray and trust Him….asking Him to be gracious and heal/ restore us…..and admit we sin and desire to repent (change) and be cleansed.
Verse 5….What kind of persecution will we experience?

  • people will speak evil about me
  • people will say I am a nobody
  • people will seem friendly and say “nice” things, but only to gain information so they can gossip about me
  • they get together and whisper about me, imagining the worst for me or even planning for my hurt, or to keep me from rising up.
  • even close trusted friends will betray me
    Beginning in verse 10….
    But, the Lord is gracious to me and restores me. I know I have His favor and delight because my enemies do not triumph over me int he end. The Lord upholds me in my integrity. He sets me in His presence forever!
    Blessed be the Lord forever and ever! Amen and Amen….so be it!

Psalms 1 – 41
Psalms is broken into 3 books/ sections. We have now finished Psalms 1-41, the first book/ section. These are the main Psalms written by David. Books 2 and 3 have other authors as well as David. The whole of Psalms was brought together and organized after the israelite captivity in Babylon. It was intended to be a prayer and worship guide to keep people in ther Abrahamic faith in Yehwah, while in captivity and living in the pagen Babylonian culture. We can also use it as a prayer guide while living in the American worldly humanistic pagan culture.
In my study of David’s Psalm 1-41, I see the focus on “the Lord.” Many are prophetic of the Lord Jesus, Messiah and Savior. As David was a man after God’s heart, these Psalms also reveal the herat, mind, and character of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. David had a committed and deep relationship with God. He shares how to come to God in relationship and how to live in Him by faith and trust, even in times of big trouble. He instructs how repentance and asking God will lead to resuce and victory. He gives prayer guides. He demonstrates how to change anxious thinking or lamenting feelings by focusing on God…and the results in ending his prayer time in joy and praise! This is repentance (change) of thought and feeling from unbelief to faith and trust in God. It is change from looking at all the bad around me into faith in God which is not visible (Hebrews 11:1). Those justified by the blood of Jesus will live by their faith in Him! (Romans 1:17) This is the same pattern as rescue in Jesus from sin and evil in salvation and the final victory over evil … for eternity! Psalms often reminds us of the tribulation and the hope in the final book of Revelation!

Psalms 26-38

Short on time recently…so posting many Psalms in one entry, plus did not take time to check for typos….sorry….read at your own pace

Psalm 26
Psalm 26 can also be read from multiple perspectives. We can read it as David speaking with God concerning himself. We can read it to receive personal application. Today, I see it as prophetic of what Jesus speaks to His Heavenly Father. Consider this….
Verse 1, “Vindicate me Lord, for I have led a blameless life.” Is there any other person besides Jesus who can claim a blameless life? No, all are sinners. We only become blameless when saved and fogiven by the blood of Jesus. He died to pay the penalty for our sins, not His own as He had no sin.
Verses 2-3 , In examining Jesus heart and mind, we see that He is always mindful of the Father’s love and faithfulness. Jesus said that He never did anything outside of the Father. John 5:19
Verses 4-5, Jesus does not align Himself with deceivers, hypocrites, evildoers, or the wicked
Verse 6a, Jesus hands are clean and innocent. Plus, recall that Pilate washed his hands to claim innocence in Jesus crucifixion (a hint of prophetic)
Verse 6b, Jesus goes about the alter as the sacrifice for sin and also as our Great High Priest
Verse 7, All of Jesus earthly ministry was proclaiming, praising, and telling of the Father’s wonderful works.
Verse 8, Jesus abides in and loves the presence of the Father and His glory.
Verse 9-10, Jesus was accounted as a sinner for our sakes, and put in the hands of the bloodthirsty with schemes and bribes.
verses 11-12, Jesus is blameless. the Father delivered Jesus from the power of death into resurrection life to stand again in a congregation of the praises of the saved!

Psalm 27
This will be a great prayer for true Christians in the last days of Tribulation. It also applies today for those true Christians who live in areas of strong persecution and martyrdom…who must hold fast to hope and faith in Jesus for eternity….when they are not experiencing it now.
The Lord is my light and my salvation, the stronghold of my life; therefore, I should fear no other person. Even when wicked enemy armies besiege me, my heart will be confident in my Lord and I will not fear. My one desire is to seek and gaze on the Lord and dwell in His house forever. No person can take that from me.
In the day of tribulation, He will keep me safe in His dwelling place (also – today, we are the temple and dwelling place of the Holy Spirit). He will hide me in the cleft of the Rock (by living with faith in Jesus). Then, in the end, my head will be exalted. Before His heavenly sacred throne, I will shout for joy and sing sacrifices of praise!
Lord, hear my call and answer me in Your mercy. My heart cries to seek Your face, not only Your hand. Even if my father or mother would forsake me, You are faithful and wil not hide from me or reject me. False witnesses rise against me and spout malicious accusations. But, You are my Helper!
Teach me Your ways. Lead me in Your straight narrow path.
Verses 13-14, “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

Psalm 28
When I read this Psalm, I hear the prayer of repentance for someone who is asking Jesus to be their Savior and Lord. Call on the Lord Jesus and ask Him to be your Savior and Rock foundation. Matthew 7:24-25, Romans 9:33, 1 Corinthians 10:4, 1 Peter 2:8.
Please do not turn a deaf ear to me, for if You do, then I will go to hell. Hear my cry for mercy. I need Your help. I lift up my hands and any works I could do and surrender to You in Your Most Holy Place. I do not want to be dragged away to hell like the wicked who do evil and speak cordially, but really harbor malice in their hearts (deceit).
Repay those who choose to stay in evil for their wicked deeds and have them reap what they sowed…they deserve it. They have no regard for You Lord or Your good works. You will tear down the evil and never build it up again.
Thank You Lord, for hearing my cry for mercy and salvation. I will trust in You and You will help and save me. You are now my strength and my sheild against evil. My heart leaps for joy! With my voice and song, I praise You! You are the strength of salvation for those with Jesus, Your anointed One, and His anointed. Save Your people. Bless Your people, the inheritance of Jesus. Jesus is our Good Shepherd and carries us forever.
John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in (loves, puts faith in, trusts in, leans on, depends on, relies on) Him should not perish, but have eternal life.”

Psalm 29
Psalm 29 is a Psalm of praising the Lord. Beings in heaven and earth attribute glory to His name. Worshp the Lord in the splendor of His holiness.
The voice of the Lord is powerful and majestic. It can break and shake things up causing them to move. The Lord is on His throne forever. He gives strength and peace to His people We can have faith and confidence in our Almighty God!

Psalm 30
Psalm 30 speaks to me today of salvation and redemption from death, hell, and evil into the love and mercy of God through Jesus. It is said this Psalm was used in the dedication of the temple. Once saved by Jesus, we become the dedicated living temple of God. This Psalm is appropriate for our salvation dedication as well.
I will exalt You Lord because You lifted me out of the depths and rescued me from my enemies (spiritual and earthly). You brought me up from death and hell…into eternal life and heaven. His faithful people sing praises to the Lord and to His name (the name of Jesus – Yehoshua – Yeshua = Savior).
We were lost for a short temporary time, but His favor and salvation lasts forever. Nothing is gained if I die without God and go to hell. My dust will not priase Him. When I cried to the Lord, in His mercy, He fovored me and offered Jesus. He turned my wailing into joyful dancing! My heart will sing and not be silent! “Lord, my God, I will praise You forever!” Jesus has saved and delivered me from hell!

Psalm 31
Psalm 31 is another Psalm that is prophetic of Jesus….this concerning the cross.
Verse 5 has Jesus words from the cross, “Into Your hands I commit My spirit.” I can see Jesus meditating on these words to give Him the strength to endure His suffering. Jesus knew God’s Word was true and sure.
Matthew 7:24, “Everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” He went on to explain that terrible storms would come but not be able to tear that foundation down because it was built on the Rock foundation of God’s Word.
John 5:19, “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by Himself, He can do only what He sees the Father doing, because whatever the Father does, the Son dones also.”
Jesus was built on the Rock foundation and was trusting His Rock foundation Father and His Word, even in suffering and death. Jesus had been totally faithful and hated those who cling to idols and hypocritical religious Pharisees and Saducees. He rejoices in His Father’s love.
Verses 7-13 describe the anguish of the cross….sorrow, weakness, grief, no strength left, sore bones, groaning, conspiring enemies all around, forsaken by closest friends, shame, public display, forgotten as dead, broken, terror on every side, facing death and separation from the Father.
Verses 14-18 turns to trusting the Lord to save. I can hear Jesus saying to the Father…My times are in Your hands….Deliver Me from My enemies…Let Your face shine on Me, Your Servant, in Your unfailing love. Jesus will no longer be put to shame. But the enemy will be shamed and silenced due to their pride, contempt, and arrogance against God and righteousness.
Verses 19-20 declare the purpose of the cross and encouages Jesus with the hope and promises of God…those who fear and love God will have abundant good things when they are kept safe in God’s house and His presence…far from human intrigues and evils….through salavtion in Jesus.
Verses 21-22, When under siege and in alarm I cry, “I am cut off from Your sight!” and then You hear my cry and help, and show Me the wonders of Your love. Remember Jesus words from the cross, “Why have You forsaken Me?”
Verses 23-24, “Love the Lord, all His faithful people! The Lord preserves all those who are faithful to Him, but the proud He pays back in full. Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.!

Psalm 32
Another great Psalm! How blessed we are in Jesus! By His blood, our sins are forgiven, not counted against us any longer, covered up, and our spirit is cleaned up of deceit!
But, if I am silent and unrepentant, then I groan and waste away. God’s heavy hand is on me and my strength is dried up and gone.
But, if I do not cover up my sin, and rather acknowledge and confess it, God will forgive me of sin and guilt!
Romans 8:1, “Therefore, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”
1 John 1:9, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousnes.”
Therefore, the faithful should pray! Don’t let the enemy trap or flood you in sin.
Are these next verses familiar? Verses 7-8, “You are my hiding place, You will preserve me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, I will counsel you with My loving eye upon you.” How precious are these promises!
1 John 1:7, “If we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another (me and Him together) and the blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin.”
So, do not be without understanding like and animal who needs to be led by bit and bridle in order to be in control and come their master. There are many woes for those who do not live and Lord’s right ways. But, the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the ones who trust Him.
Verse 11, “Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, you righteous, sing, all you who are upright in heart!

Psalm 33
It is fitting for the righteous to joyfully priase the Lord in song and with instruments. The Lord loves righteousness and justice. The earth is full of His unfailing love. The Word of the Lord is right and true. He is faithful in all He does. By the Word of the Lord the heavens were made. The Lord is the Creator of all heaven, earth, and everything in it. He speaks and it comes to be. What He commands stands firm. All the earth and all the people should revere Him. The Lord foils the plans and purposes of people and nations who go against Him. The plans and purposes in the Lord’s heart stand firm through all generations forever.
Blessed are the people and nations whose God is the Lord. These righteous people are His inheritance. From heaven the Lord looks down on all mankind and all they do. He knows each heart. Nothing has enough strength for the wicked to escape God. The Lord watches over those who fear HIm and put their hope and trust in His unfailing love. He keeps them alive in famine and rescues them from death into life eternal.
We wait in hope for our Lord, our help and shield. Our hearts rejoice in Him. We trust in His Holy Name of Yehoshua (Yeshua for short, and Jesus in English) which means, “the One who saves, Savior”.
Verse 22, “May Your unfailing love be with us, Lord, even as we put our hope in You.”
When you read Psalm 33 or my message, are you assuming the perspective as speaking to the Father Creator? Jesus was also there in the beginning at the creation of all, as well as the Holy Spirit. They were all involved. so, read this Psalm again from the perspective of the Lord being Jesus…for additional revelation and understanding. How about reading it with the Holy Spirit (who was sent by Jesus to be our Companion, Helper, and Teacher) in mind as Lord?

Psalm 34
David is enthusiastically praising the Lord for all the great things He does for His people when they seek Him!

  • relieves their afflictions
  • causes them to rejoice
  • hears and answers
  • delivers from fears
  • makes them radiant, not covered in shame
  • saves from poverty and troubles
  • encamps around them and delivers them
  • provides so that they do not lack any good thing
  • helps when weak and hungry
  • watches over the righteous and attentive to their prayers (His face is against those who do evil, so do good and seek peace with God).
  • is close comfort for the broken hearted
  • saves those crushed in spirit
  • delivers from trouble
  • protects

    Verse 8, “Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”

Psalm 35
Psalm 35 is about asking God to save us from our evil enemies. Remember, while we do encounter wicked people in this world, we also have spiritual enemies (who are actually at the root of it all).
Ephesians 6: 12-13, “We are not wrestling with flesh and blood (contending only with physicall opponents), but against the despotisms, powers, master spirits who are the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly supernatural sphere. Therefore, put on God’s complete armor, that you may be able to resist and stand your ground on the evil day of danger, and having done all the crisis demands, to stand firmly in your place.” Amplified version.
Know that Jesus is your sure salvation and read in Ephesians 6 about the spiritual armor God has provided so you will know what is available and how to apply and use it
Every generation has the righteous living in the world alongside the wicked, who try to overcome and kill them. However, the Bible tells us about a time right before Jesus returns where it will be worse trouble/tribulation than ever before. I think one of these reasons is because it will be global in scale. And another reason, will be the great increase in misused technology with no regard of ethics and righteousness. When I read the rest of this Psalm, I hear the righteous people of those last days crying out to the Lord for help from the totally encompassing wicked enemies. That generation will have great persecution and martyrdom to face. They will need to hold fast to the Lord and stand strong in faith and eternal hope in Jesus!

Psalm 36
Verse 1 – This is one verse where the translation into English might bring different thoughts.
Amplified version – “Transgression (like an oracle) speaks to the wicked deep in his heart. There is no fear or dread of God before his eyes.” To me, this says that the wicked know deep in their hearts that they are sinners, but they have no respect for God or righteousness. But, they have no excuse of innocence because the depths of their heart convict them. This same thought is taught in Romans 1: 18-22.
King James version, “The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes.”
New International version, “I have a message of God in my heart concerning the sinfulness of the wicked. There is no fear of God before their eyes.”
These two translations give the thought that David knows that wicked people do not recognize or fear God. That is a true statement, but not really a big revelation. By definition, wickedness is going against God and His righteousness.
Either way, David goes on to point out the different and opposite behaviors between the wicked and God.
The wicked flatter and deceive themselves into thinking their sin is hidden and God does not hate them. Sound familiar? It is like people today thinking they are OK and can do whatever they want and that God still loves everyone anyway. Their words are wicked and deceitful. They are not wise. They are not good. They make wicked plans and walk them out. They do not walk the straight narrow road. Their path leads to destruction.
Romans 6: 1-2, “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?”
Matthew 7: 14, “Straight is the gate, and narrow the way, which leads unto life, and few there be that find it.”
But, the character of God is ultimate loving kindness, graciousness, faithfulness, righteousness, justice, and wisdom. His behavior and goal is to preserve man, be man’s refuge, and provide man good things leading to abundant life. He shines His light so people can see and follow Him in the right path.
Verses 10-11. David prays that God will continue to give salvation and blessing to those upright in heart. Don’t let the works of the proud wicked people overtake or lead away the righteous.
Verse 12. David foresees that God is just and He will thrust down the perverse and evil. They will not rise again after His judgement. His righteousness will prevail into eternity.

Psalm 37
How are we supposed to deal with all the bad in the world?
This Psalm makes us realize the truth in Ecclesiates 1:9….there is nothing new under the sun. Wickedness came into the world at the fall of man. so, we can learn from David’s Psalm concerning how to deal with evil, wicked people, and a fallen world in trouble.
The Amplified Bible titles this Psalm, “Security of those who trust in the Lord, and insecurity of the wicked”. Throughout the Psalm we are reminded that the end of evil and evildoers will come and be final, while the righteous who wait for the Lord will be saved and receive the inheritance and blessings of God. (verses 2, 9-11, 13, 17-20, 22, 29, 36, 38-40) Our rejoicing and hope should be faith and trust in the Lord!
Knowing this future result, how do we live now?

  • Do not worry about evildoers
  • Do not be envious of wrongdoers or their worldly prosperity/success
  • Trust in, rely on, and have confidence in the Lord
  • Do good
  • Dwell in the land…keep on keeping on with God even while living in the world (living in the world, but not being of it or like it)
  • Feed securely on the Lord’s faithfulness (meditate on it)
  • Delight yourself in the Lord and He will be your heart’s desire and joy
  • Commit your ways and concerns to the Lord in prayer…and trust He will do what is best.
  • Pursue God and His righteousness and He will enlighten and inspire you…and give you good judgement
  • be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him
  • entrust yourself to the Lord
  • Do not fret, whine, or agonize…especially if you see the wicked prospering and trouble increasing….fretting only makes things worse….the righteous will eventually delight in true prosperity
  • Do not have anger or wrath
  • Know that God laughs at the wicked ones who oppress the righteous because He knows their foolish pride and day of defeat. Their sword will stab their own hearts. The inheritance of His people will last forever!
  • Be gracioius, kind, and giving, also paying back what you borrow
  • Take good and righteous steps directed and established by the Lord
  • When you fall, look to the Lord who holds your hand, picks you up, and sustains you.
  • Know that the Lord will never abandon you and will meet all your NEEDS (not necessarily all your wants)
  • Trust God to call and bless your descendants
  • Depart and separate yourself from evil and worldliness, and choose to live in God’s truth, goodness, and morality
  • Speak and proclaim truth, wisdom, and justice
  • Put the Word (Law) of God in your mind and heart so you will know how to live and walk
  • Wait for and expect the Lord to keep His way and Word
  • Have moral integrity, repent quickly as needed to stay blameless and spiritually complete in Jesus.
  • Be always mindful of your salvation in the Lord Jesus. He is our refuge and stronghold in all troubles….and our eternal hope. Jesus rescues us from evil and saves us. He gives us peace with Almighty God even now…and will establish eternal peace between His righteous people in eternity.

Psalm 38
How do you respond when you feel defeated/anxious or depressed/discouraged or disobedient/rebellious or hopeless/despairing or confused/conflicted or when you feel distant from God and like He is not hearing your prayers?
David was human and felt that way too. Remember that the apostle Paul also told us what to do when he got messed up…Romans 7:14- 8:2. John gives similar instructions in 1 John 1:9. Peter proclaimed it in Acts 2:38, It is called repentance.
Repentance is a central part and necessary to receive salvation and forgiveness from God! Yet, few are willing to even consider their sinfulness and need for repentance today! They are deceived into believing they are God’s people, pretty good, and God loves them and therefore does not judge them. Yet here, David, the man after God’s own heart, has to deal with sin and repentance! David is being disciplined by his loving Father!
Discipline does not feel good, but it is for our good (Hebrews 12:11). Loving fathers discipline their children.
This is what discipline feels like….rebuke; piercing arrows deep into my heart; pressed down (depressed); uneasiness in body and health; unsound mind; iniquity, shame, and guilt flooding my thoughts; heavy burden; my words are foul, foolish and loathsome; greatly bent over; in mourning all day; numb and deadly cold; bruised and completely worn out; groaning, moaning, disquieted; my heart throbs; no strength; I see no light, hope, or joy; my loved ones, friends, and neighbors stay away from me because they do not want to be around me in this state; I see myself as a victim of treachery and mischievous evil doers who threaten my destruction. I also cannot hear the Lord and my mouth is shut to speak with Him. I also have no power filled words to fight my enemies and their arguments/accusations.
What do we do? Where do we go for help? Hebrews 13:6, 1 John 1:7
In verse 9, David begins to realize his help is in the Lord. He directs his desires, concerns, and sighing to be heard of the Lord.
Then in verse 15, David declares that his only hope is in the Lord. He changes (repentance means to change thoughts and directions) his focus and words. He puts faith, trust, and confidence in the Lord. Faith has opened the conversation with God! Now that the converstion is open, repentance is what God desires to hear next. Isn’t this the same way it works with good earthly parents and thier children?
David then humbly confesses his troubles, failures, sin, guilt…including his wrong acceptance of anxiety. He had stepped away from God and faith in God and into a wicked twisted way of fear and unbelief. Do you realize that anxiety and fear are sins before God? They are the opposite and go against faith and trust in God! God requires the justified to live by faith in Him (Hebrews 10:38).
In verses 19-20, we see that David is human and tries to justify his fear and anxiety. Yet, God hears and forgives because David has turned in faith to God and repented of his sin. The communication lines are open again and David is again in right standing before God. The relationship with God was always consistently there, just distant and waiting for repentance. It was just strained due to sin and discipline.
So, David proceeds to ask God to stay close to him and be quick to help. David ends with a confession of his faith and trust in God….O Lord, You are my salvation. I wonder if David was remembering Psalm 27:1?
We can learn so much if we apply this Psalm in our own life! Love and recognize the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Are you feeling or thinking like David was? Maybe it is time to repent of not having confident faith and trust in the Lord or His Word? Repent and truly believe in HIm! Be thankful for His dicipline…it proves you are His child and He cares!
He cuts off dead branches to enable more good fuit of righteousness. It might hurt, but it is for our own good. How marvelous His love and awesome His wisdom as our faithful and righteous Father trains His children? Repent quickly as needed. Rejoice and be glad that we have such a perfect good loving Father…full of grace and mercy to those who receive Him!

Psalms 20 – 25

Psalm 20
This Psalm can be used as a prayer guide. I am using it as a prayer guide for those I love and for God’s people…..
May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble.
May the name of God set you up high and defend you.
May God in heaven send you help, support, refreshing, and strength.
May God remember all the offerings and sacrifices you gave to honor Him.
May He grant your heart’s desires and fulfill good plans for you.
May the Lord fulfill all your petitions of righteousness.
Lord, I desire to shout triumphantly with them at their salvation and victory…and declare victory in You, through Jesus!
Lord, I know you wave Your anointed, those who believe and are set apart and sealed by the Holy Spirit. You will answer from heaven with the saving stringth of Your right hand,, Jesus.
May we trust in and boast in the name of the Lord…not in our own strength or any strength of man. Only in You (Jesus) are we raised up to stand aright, no longer bowed down, fallen, and trapped in evil and sin.
O Lord, answer when we call and bring the victory!
Do you see the prophetic in this Psalm also? David never saw the day of the Messiah Jesus in the natural earth, but he did see Him in the spirit. David was a man of faith, after God’s heart.

Psalm 21
Verse 1, “The king shall joy in Your strength, O Lord, and in Your salvation how greatly he shall rejoice.”
There are multiple ways to receive revelation and inspiration in this Psalm. It depends on whose perspective. Try reading it from these perspectives…

  1. From King David’s perspective as he rejoices over his Lord.
  2. From your own personal perspective as you rejoice over your Lord Jesus.
  3. From the prophetic perspective of the ultimate King Father as He rejoices over His only begotten Son Jesus who is now Savior of mankind.
    God’s Word is marvelous with such rich and deep wisdom!

Psalm 22
This is the prophetic Psalm of Jesus on the cross! It begins with Jesus words of “My God, Why have You forsaken Me?” It ends with, “It is finished (done).” I am thinking Jesus knew this whole Psalm. I think God’s Word must have encouraged Him as He fulfilled it. While He was to weak to quote the whole Psalm on the corss, He did quote the beginning and the end of this Psalm on the cross. This should have been a prophetic sign for any Jew who knew this Psalm as prophetic of their Messiah.
Remember what Jesus said on the road to Emmaus?
Luke 24: 25-27, “Jesus said to them, “O foolish ones, (sluggish of mind, dull of perception) and slow of heart to believe (adhere to, trust in, rely on) everything that the prophets have spoken. Was it not necessary and essentially fitting that the Christ (Messiah) whould suffer all these things before entering into His glory (majesty, splendor)? then, beginning with Moses and throughout all the Prophets, He wenton explaining and interpreting to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning and referring to Himself.”
Therefore, for those who knew Psalm 22, it should have been sure prophetic evidence that Jesus was fulfilling it and was the promised Messiah! It is also prophetic evidence for us today!
2 Peter 1: 19, 21, “We have the prophetic word made firmer still….no prophecy ever originated by human impulse, but men spoke from God. Impelled by the Holy Spirit.”
Please take time to read this Psalm and marvel at the prophetic Word of God and Jesus fulfillment of it in detail. Jesus is God’s Word made flesh. John 1: 1, 14

Psalm 23
This is one of my favorite Psalms…maybe yours also. I am so glad I was required to memeorize it when young. It has often been my help and ready strength.
It is prophetic of Jesus our Good Shepherd. As a young man, David was a good shepherd. He knew the responsibilities and efforts required to be a good shepherd. He knew that the sheep had to trust him, stick close, and follow if they wanted a good life…not wander away.
The Good Shepherd give His sheep rest; feeds them well and refreshes them with water; meets their needs; leads them on the right paths; helps them through dark and fearful places; protects them; comforts them; guides them; anoints their head with oil so it overflows on their body to preven insects from harming them and to heal irritated flesh; and is good, attentive, and compassionate toward His sheep for their whole life. AND, in the caase of Jesus our Good Shepherd, we live in His house with Him forever!
Meditating on that Psalm will surely bless and comfort you so that you can have strong living faith and trust in Jesus, our Good Shepherd!

Psalm 24
Our Lord is Creator of heaven and earth and it all belongs to Him. Who can come into the presence of our Holy God? Only those who have a pure heart and clean hands…and have no other idols or turst in false gods. Those who seek the face/presence of God will receive His blessings and He will vindicate them (clear of blame). The blood of Jesus vindicates us of all sin.
Verses 7-10 prophecy the return of our glorious, mighty King Jesus. He was there in the beginning and will come again to enforce His rule over heaven and earth in the forever end. Those who have chosen to seek Him and follow Him in righteousness will have eternal blessings and total clearing of all sin and blame. This is our blessed eternal hope in Jesus, our Lord!

Psalm 25
This Psalm begins with a decalaration of trust in God….Trust to be redeemed from shame and rescued from treacherous enemies. David trusted in redemption through Jesus even when that would not happen for many years in his future.
Beginning in verse 4, prayer petitions are made for the Lord to:

  • show me Your ways, teach me your paths
  • guide me in Your truth
  • remember Your great mercy and love
  • forgive my sins and rebellious ways
    Beginning in verse 8, the Lord’s character is declared and revealed:
  • good and upright
  • an instructor of sinners
  • guiding the humble to what is right, teaching them His way.
  • – loving and faithful to those who keep covenant relationship with Him
  • forgiving
  • propsers His people
  • He confides in those who fear/honor HIm and reveals His covenant plans to them
  • He keeps people, those who keep their eyes on Him, from walking into snares
    Beginning in verse 16, prayer petitions are again made:
  • notice that I am lonely and afflicted, I need Your grace (undeserved help)
  • relieve my troubled heart so I wil be free of anguish
  • see my affliction and distress
  • take away my sins
  • see my many enemies and how they hate me? Guard and rescue me.
  • have integrity and uprightness protect me from shame.
    Beginning in verse 21, final declaration of trust and faith in the Lord:
  • my hope is in You, Lord
  • deliver Your people from their troubles in this world.

Psalm 19 – God’s Glory and His Word

This Psalm begins declaring the glory, authority, and might of God. The stars in heaven proclaim His handiwork, not audibly, yet they speak as evidence of Creator God. Consider the sun (Son) coming out of His bridegroom chamber, rejoicing, as strong man completing His course; moving from one end of the earth to the other; nothing hidden from His fire and glory! Do you see the prophecy of Jesus return for His bride on the Lord’s Day?
Verse 7 moves into declaring that Creator God’s laws/rules, which are intended to regulate thought and behavior, are absolutely perfect, true, right (righteous), sure, pure, and wise. His ways will enlighten your eyes, make you wise, and bring rejoicing to your heart. The reverent fear of the Lord endures forever! So, desire His words more than fine gold or sweet pleasing honey. God’s Word has great reward do you will be warned, reminded, illuminated, and instructed in the ways to good life!
We cannot always see for ourselves our own lapses and errors. He can clear us from hidden and unconscious faults! He can hold us back from our failure to observe limits on appropriate behavior…or from being presumptous to presume we know best. Lord, do not let wrong thoughts have dominion over me!
At Your rescue and by Your Word (Jesus is the Word made flesh), and by continuing to live in Your Word, I will be made blameless, innocent, clear of great transgression.
Verse 14, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my firm, impenetrable Rock and my Redeemer (prophetic of jesus, the Messiah Savior Redeemer).
Psalm 119: 105, “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”
2 Peter 1:19, “We have the prophetic word made firmer still. You will do well to pay close attention to it as to a lamp shining in a dismal, squalid, dark place, until the day breaks through the gloom and the Morning Star rises (comes to being) in your heart.”

July 4th – Message of True Freedom

Today, Americans celebrate freedom due to our freedom from the tyranny of England. As Christians, we can celebrate an even greater freedom from sin and the tyranny of Satan. Jesus sets us free!
Today, people are misled into thinking that freedom means being whoever I want to be, thinking whatever I want to think is right, doing whatever I want, and having everything I want. That is how Eve and Adam were deceived in the Garden of Eden. They believed the lie that they could be god. This is rooted in selfishness and pride. It is humanism. It is separation from God, which is sin and death ( which is separation from Life). It is a lie.
When we leave the right way to go our own way, we get lost and end up with bad circumstances. Consider the parable of the prodigal son. And going our own way has trapped and imprisoned mankind ever since. God is wiser than man. God knows the righteous (right) and abundant life in which He intended mankind to live.
The Creator Father, who is full of mercy and loving-kindness, made a way for mankind to be set free from that evil false tyranny and return to Him in truth. His only provided Way is through accepting Jesus as our Redeemer and Savior, the switching of our allegiance back to Him and out of the corrupted evil way.
This is how being “born again” should be. But, up until the time of our repentance and change to follow Jesus, we have learned some wrong ways. We now need to cut away the wrong ways and learn the right ways. Wrong throughts can still imprison us if we do not learn the Truth in God’s Word.
Parable thought – It is like having a prisoner in a prison cell for a long time. Then, one day, Someone comes and uses the key to unlock the cell door. Yet, that person keeps living in the cell because that is the only way they know to live. They do not think to open the door and leave that life! It might sound silly, but that is how it is in the spirit. And it is not just about walking out of that door once, but we must walk out of our old life in every area where we are thinking wrong and not right. That is why our enemy always uses deception to defeat people!
For example, someone is “born again”, believes and lvoes Jesus, and is set free….but they do not know the truth that faith is greater than emotional feelings. They will continue to live by their feelings instead of learning to live by trust and faith in God – regardless of how they feel.
Or, if someone thinks money, career, and beautiful appearance and goods are the foundation of their worth, then they are bound into spending their life time chasing these worldly things and questioning if they are doing enough….instead of the stability of knowing how precious they are to God!
Or, if they think everyone can determine what is right and accept everyone and all morality (including immorality), then they do not know the Truth and what is really right in God’s eyes….they are still bound to sin and destruction even if they love Jesus. They are still in the prison cell even though Jesus has turned the key to unlock the Door!
Wake up! Be free in Jesus! Open God’s Word so that you can repent, change directions, practice and learn what is right (righteous)…and you will have abundant life. It is rewarding!
John 8:44, “Jesus speaks to false religious leaders….”You belong to your father the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”
John 14:6, “Jesus answered, I am the way, the truth, the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
John 10:10, “Jesus said, “The theif comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
John 8:36, “So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”
John 8:32, “You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”
Galatians 5:1, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourself be burdened again by a yoke of bondage.”

Psalm 13-18 Prayer Guides and Prophecy of Jesus

Psalm 13
This Psalm makes me think of a thought my friend recently shared with me…we must remember that David was also in process of growing to maturity in the Lord too. He was human just like us. In this Psalm, we find a despondent David. Remember, that God had Samel anoint David to be the next king, but King Saul did not want this so he was pursuing David to kill him. David and some followers had fled for their lives to the wilderness. Maybe that helps us understand David’s thoughts and feelings in this Psalm. He was in a hard, dark place for an extended time.
Likely, we have all felt this way in such times. Lord, are You still there? I sure do not seem to be hearing Your voice or sensing Your presence. How long do I need to endure before relief comes? Enlighten me. Will my enemy win and kill me? Am I headed for heaven now? Will my enemy gloat over my dead body?
This even reminds me of Jesus words while in deep, deep darkness….”My God, My God, Why have You forsaken Me?” Mark 15:34. Jesus was quoting Psalm 22:1. Again, we glimpse the prophetic Word of God.
But, David needs to get back to thinking right. Many of the Psalms begin in lament, but end in praise. Here David ends with….I have trusted, leaned on, and been confident in Your mercy and loving-kindness. In Your salvation, I will rejoice and be in high spirits! I will sing to You Lord in thanksgiving. You have done bountifully with me! Even when things are dark on the outside, we can be enlightened and rejoice on the inside!

Psalm 14
This Psalm is about the nature of fallen sinful man. Everyone is born withthis fallen nature. Even when we do become new creatures in Jesus Christ, we still have to deal with the flesh.
The person who says in his/her heart that there is no God, is an empty headed fool! The Lord searches the earth to see if there are any who understand, deal wisely, and seek God…inquiring for and of Him as a required, vital necessity. Those He will receive unto Himself.
But, they have all gone aside and become filthy. This very Psalm is used in Romans 3:12. All have sinned. All need a Savior. Even the Jews who were given the Law were eaten up by the workers and works of iniquity. Those who promote sin will come to fear and dread God. But, God is with the uncompromisingly righteous…..those in right standing with God who consistently try to live right. Eveildoers try to put to shame and confuse the plans of the humble poor and patient…but the Lord is their refuge.
God’s righteous people are waiting for the Messiah to come from heaven and save His people! The Lord will restore the fortunes of His people and they wil rejoice! Again, this is prophetic of Jesus….our hope into eternity!

Psalm 15
Verse 1 – The temple was the temporary presence of God in the earth. Heaven is His permanent residence and place of His eternal holy presence. So, who can be in God’s holy presence in earth and in heaven?
We understand that no one is righteous, all sin. So, where is our hope? Our hope is in Jesus who has made righteousness available to us. 1 Corinthians 6:11. But, if we believe and trust in Jesus, we must also live with and follow Him in righteousness (right thinking , right speaking, right behavior).
That righteous person lives and walks uprightly, blamelessly, righteously, justly….speaking and thinking with God’s truth in their heart. The justified live by their faith and trust in God, therefore, they follow Him and His righteous deeds.
This person does not slander (gossip), do evil to a friend, or take reproach or distain against their neighbor.
But, the righteous despise what is vile. They honor those who revere and worship God.
The righteous person keeps their word and does not change, even to their own hurt.
The righteous do not enrich themselves by taking advantage of another’s need, therefore, they do not charge interest when they lend their money. They also do not take bribes, especially against the innocent.
Compare that to American culture today. Are we living by those standards of righteousness?
Galatians 6:4, “Each one should test thier own actions.”
2 Corinthians 13:5, “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith.”
Psalms 26: 2,”Examine me, O Lord, and prove me; test my heart and my mind.”

Psalm 16
This is another Psalm that can be used as a prayer guide to pray in my own words….
Lord, keep me and protect me. You are my refuge. I am protected when inside the cleft in the Rock. I trust You. I hide my true self in You.
You are my Lord. I am Yours. You are everything to me! I have nothing truly good besides or beyond You. Every good gift is from You.
Your righteous people in the earth are excellent, have find personal qualities and high moral principles, have a striking and delightful inner beauty. They appear noble and glorious. I delight in Your people!
Thos who chose another god will have multiplied sorrows. i will not join with them or be named among them. I choose You, Lord. And You hold and maintain me even in the midst of my enemies.
You make a pleasant place for me. You give me a good inheritance in Jesus!
I will bless the Lord! He counsels me in my heart so that I am even instructed in the dark places and times. I set You Lord continually before me. You are at my right hand in all I do. I will not be moved.
Therefore, my heart is glad and my inner self rejoices at al times! I know that my body will also rest and live in safety in the end. You will never abondon me to hell. You did not suffer Your Holy One Jesus to see corruption. Jesus resurrection is the evidence for salvation and faith in eternal life! I rejoice in Jesus at all times!
You will always show me the path of true life! Your presence is fullness of joy!!! At Your right hand, in Jesus, are pleasures forever! Thank You, Lord!

Psalm 17
Hear me, Lord. I have examined myself and do not see any needed repentance. In Jesus, You have made me righteous, in right standing with You. Please notice what I am doing right. You have proved my heart through times of testing and found no evil purpose in me. I have also set a goal to guard my words. I avoid the work and violence of worldly people. I strive to walk closely in Your paths, Your Word, and following Jesus. That keeps me from slipping. I call on You and You hear me. Thank You Lord.
Show me Your marvelous loving-kindness. With Your strong hand, You save those who trust You and take refuge in You. Guard me. Keep a close watch on me. Hide me in the shadow of Your wings from any who come against me.
There are wicked people in our land. They only think of their own prosperity. They have no heart for anyone else. They make exorbitant, arrogant, proud claims. They track everyone down and watch everything we do. They surround us. Their goal is to ruin us. Like a lion, they hide in order to pounce….greedy and eager to fear us apart and devour us.
Arise, Lord! Confront them. Stall them. Cast them down. Deliver us from the wicked by Your sword.
For, these men of the world are also idle and vain. With the treasures of the earth, they fill their bellies, build up storehouses, spoil their children and when they die will leave all thier matieral wealth to their children to continue their lifestyle. They are world domineering focused.
As for me, I desire to continue to behold Your face and live in Your presence. I will be fully satisfied when I awake to find myself beholding Your form and having sweet communion with You. 2 Corinthians 5:8.

Pslam 18
David wrote this Psalm after God delivered him from his enemy Saul. this Psalm also becomes prophetic of Jesus. We should always praise and thank God for our eternal great Deliverer, Jesus! Plus, many times, God delivers uf rom our enemies in this world too.
Lord, I love You fervently and devotedly! You are my God, my strength, my Rock, my fortress, my deliverer, my refuge, my shield, my high tower, my mighty power of salvation! This is a wonderful description of Jesus!
I call on my Lord, and He saves me from my enemies…when surrounded by ungodliness, ruin, and death…thoday and forever! Jesus saves and delivers us from hell!
When I am in distress and feel closed in, I call to God. He hears me. He will move mountains and shake the earth to help me.
David moves into the prophetic return of Jesus as in Revelation. When Jesus returns, it will shake the heavens and earth and move mountains! God will be angry against wickedness! The heavens will roll up like a scroll. There will be smoke, lightening, fire, and darkness put under His feet. He will come swiftly n the clouds, riding above the storm! There will be hailstones and fire. The seas/oceans will roar so that the ocean bottom is revealed and the land foundations are made bare.
Verse 16….but He reaches down and lifts His people up out of the troubled waters (as in the days of Noah). He delivers His people from the strong enemy who hates them. They confronted and chased me in the days of trouble, but the Lord was my support and stay. Jesus brings me to a large place with HIm and He rewards me accoring to my integrity and righteous works of my hands. I kept His Word and did not wickedly depart from God. I was on guard of evil and worked in repentance to remain blameless in Jesus before Him. Beginning vers 25…what you sow, you will reap…whether kindness, mercy, uprightness, purity, or the opposite being perverse or proud and haughty. We all face the final judgement seat of God.
Beginning in verse 28, David remembers and recounts the many benefits of siding with God, especially when trouble comes. Today, these blessings come through Jesus.
Also, remember that Jesus said He would not leave us orphans, but would send a counseler, conforter, and teacher in the Holy Spirit. Notice how the Holy Spirit ministers these many things to us when we are with Jesus.
God lights the way in teh darkness. He enlightens us and prepares our path before us…even in a dark world.
So we can run through enemy troopw and jump over walls. The power of the Holy Spirit is greater than what man can do.
He is a shield to all who take refuge in Him and trust Him. His Word is tested, tried, and true. His way is perfect. Remember that Jesus is the Word made flesh, is tested and tried and is Truth, is perfect and sinless, and we take salvation refuge in Him. He is the Rock of salvation. The Holy Spirit always highlights Jesus.
God equips us with strength and makes our way perfect when we walk with Jesus. He makes us able to stand firm and make progress even in dangerous places of trouble or testing. He sets us up securely on our high place in Jesus. This is the Holy Spirit in action.
He teaches our hands to war against our enemies. Praying hands are strong against our enemies.
VErse 35 is extremely prophetic, “You have given me the shield of Your salvation, and Your right hand has held me up. Your gentleness/meekness and condescension have made me great.” Jesus, who is the only begotten righ hand Son of God is our salvation and has raised us up to be sons and daughters of our great God. Jesus humbled Himself and came down with mercy to make us great, the adopted chldren of Almighty God.
He gives us an open broad secure Way to walk, so we do not slip back into sin leading to death.
In Jesus, we can overtake our enemy (Satan) and wound him so he will not rise against us and prevail. Jesus equips us with strength for the battle. There is no one greater than God.
Verse 40 continues into the prophetic of Jesus. When Jesus returns, He will cut off all those who hate Him. They will cry to Father God, but He will not hear them. There will be no one that can deliver them. Jesus, who they rejected and hate, is the only Way. Jesus will beat them into the dust from which they came. Jesus has been delivered from the striving of wicked people who persecuted and killed Him and His people. The Father has made Jesus the Anointed King and the head of the nations!
While Jesus was born a Jew, even Gentiles will serve Him. As soon as these foreigners heard of Jesus, they began to serve and obey Him. They lost heart in their old strongholds and came out of them and into Jesus instead.
Verse 46, “The Lord lives! Blessed be my Rock, and let the God of my salvation be exalted!” Jesus is alive and let Hm be exalted!
The wicked are subdued and the righteous are lifted up (caught up – raptured)and delivered from their enemies! Therefore, we give thanks and lift up Lord Jesus, and sing praises to His name (Yeshua meaning Savior).
Verse 50…Great deliverance and triumph are given by the Father to Jesus, His King. The Father gives steadfast love to His Anointed Son Jesus, who is also the son of David, as He promised and prophesied! Praise the Lord, King of heaven and earth, our Savior and Deliverer!
How marvelous and timeless is the Word of God!

Psalms 11 and 12

Psalm 11
I put my trust in the Lord and take refuge in Him. I face trouble and do not just ignore or run away from it. The wicked are doing wicked things! I must stand firm on my foundations (convictions) lest all be destroyed. The Lord is still on His throne!
Pay close attention to verses 5-7…
The Lord tests and proves the unyielding righteous. He loves righteous deeds of faith. He beholds the righteous. They will behold His face!
The Lord abhors the wicked and the violent person. Upon them, He will bring down snares and fire as their portion of justice.
It has often seemed to me like the purpose of this temporary earthly life is to be a test. It is to determine who we will give our allegiance and follow. Will we honor God, our Creator, and follow Him? Will we choose to act and live out our faith and trust in Him by doing His right good ways? Where is our mind and heart? That first choice is only the beginning. Do we endure and hold fast to strong convictions and sure foundations in God, even when trouble comes? Or are we only interested in following Him because we desire the pleasure in blessings He can give? Do we seek His face, or only His hand? There are life tests even for the Lord’s unyielding righteous people. This is part of the instruction and discipline of the Lord in training good character into His sons and daughters, who He loves.
The wicked refuse and resist training. They go their own way. They will receive the consequences of their own wicked ways under h oly righteous judgement. They have no Savior, Mediator, or Advocate, because they resist and even are against the Father and the Son!
Verse 7, “For the Lord is rigidly righteous. He loves righteous deeds; the upright will behold His face, He beholds the upright.” Amplified version.

Psalm 12
What a Psalm for today’s world! Let me show you….
Help Lord!
Are there any principled or godly people left on earth today?
Are there any who are full of faith in You and remain faithful?
No one controls what they say…their words are vain, lies, flattery, deceitful, arrogant, boastful, rebellious, vile….
They prowl around selfishly and to greedily devour.
Vileness and immorality is tolerated and even rated high as good!
The Lord says that He will arise to save and make a safe place for the poor, needy, and oppressed. His promises are pure and sure. He will keep and guard them forever. Our hope is in Jesus, our Savior and coming King!

Psalm 10 What about evil in the world today?

Psalm 10
David is burdened by all the evil he sees in the world. He is disgusted with wicked people. So He is bearing his heart to God. He wonders why God allows all of it. I have thought and felt the same way in our day and time. Ecclesiastes 1:9 tells us that there is nothing new under the sun. We still live in a fallen world with corrupted people making horrible choices.
David speaks about many ways that wicked people full of pride and arrogance act wickedly. They….
Hotly pursue and persecute the poor.
Devise schemes.
Boast of their own heart’s desires.
Greedy for gain.
Curse, spurn renounce, and despise the Lord.
Claim there is no God based on their never being punished.
Persistent deeds are grievous all the time.
Think that no one or nothing can move them. They are from ancestry that is never in want and above adversity.
Their mouth is full of cursing, deceit, oppression, fraud, mischief, manipulation, lies, and iniquity.
Hide in ambush to stealthily slay the innocent, poor, helpless, unfortunate in order to crush and devour them.
Lurk in secret places and draw their victims into their net to bring them down.
Think no one, even God, will see their deeds.
In seeing all this wickedness in the world, David prays for God’s help for rescue and deliverance.
Verse 12…”Arise, Oh Lord! Oh God, lift up Your hand, forget not the humble.” He contnues to express that the wicked condemn God and think You do not hold them accountable. You see it! You have vexation and grief over it all too! You are the God who has compassion to help the unfortunate and fatherless!
I am reminded that as fallen people, we all begin as unfortunate and without our Father (fatherless). Only Jesus, the Only Begotten Son, our Savior, brings us back to being an adopted child restored with the Father. Jesus came to resque and deliver us from evil and wickedness!
The Psalm continues….Lord, break the arm of the wicked evil men! Search out all wickedness until You find no more!
Jesus has broken the arm of Satan and evil. He will come again to rid the earth of all evil!
In truth, the Lord is King forever! Nations will perish out of His land. The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it! This is prophetic of the time when all of God’s purposes and plans will be fulfilled….and all fulfilled in Jesus….the great gospel message of salvation from evil!
Lord, You have heard the longing desire of the humble and oppresed. You will prepare, strengthen, and direct their hearts. You will hear and do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed so that wicked earthly men may not terrify them anymore. Hallelujah!
God hears us even now in this temporary life. We may not always see the good changes we long for in this world. God works in our hearts, from the inside, to prepare, strengthen, and direct us, to walk with Him, through it (like walking on water while focusing on Jesus!). The justified will live by faith and trust in God! We live according to our faith. We continue to live our life in Christ by enduring and continuing to trust God, even in trouble.
Many today are preparing for their physical needs should great tribulation come. But, I have learned that it is more important to prepare your heart! That is why I focus on God’s Word, staying in close relationship wtih God through prayer and communication with Him, and write these posts and my Prepare the Way blog to help others prepare, strengthen, and direct their hearts also. Be encouraged as you see the Lord’s Day approaching!

Psalms 6 – 9

(Sorry for any typos – I did not proof read….)

Psalm 6
Our Father is full of compassion and welcomes us to come to Him for help. David is being transparent before the Father and asking for help. Let me phrase how this could be my prayer too…I have felt this same way myself…
Lord, please do not rebuke or discipline me right now. Have mercy on me and be gracious. I am so weak. I need Your healing power in my inner self and in my body. I have an urgent need to hear You speak peace to me. Please come quickly. Return to relieve deliver, and save me for the sake of Your steadfast love and mercy. I am weary with groaning and weeping. Depart from me workers of evil. I am focusing on my God and He hears me. He receives my prayers and I can trust Him. That which is against me will be turned back and put to shame. I choose to live by faith in God in all situations!
This reminds me of the book of Job. He kept strong in faith in teh middle of great troubles. It reminds me of Noah who also kept strong faith when everyone persecuted him because they saw no coming flood. It reminds me of Hbrews 11 and all those who walked by faith when things were hard and they could not see or feel results.
Reember, Jesus told us we would have trouble in the world, but go to Him for help because He has overcome the world and is greater. John 16:33.

Psalms 7
This Psalm helps us learn about the justice of God. I am so thankful that He is the One who is the Supreme Judge! What if someone of poor character were supreme judge? Yahweh God the Father is perfectly good and right! And also full of love and grace. It there was no justice, then evil would continue and prevail. I am thankful that He is truth and all knowing. So, He cannot be deceived and His judgement is right and true. David is a man after God’s heart, so he appeals to the One he knows will judge rightly.
We can trust God and take refuge in Him when we are ridiculed, persecuted, and unfairly attacked. Hebrews 6:18
We know that our enemy, Satan, roars like a lion and tries to devour and kill us. Lord, deliver us! 1 Peter 5:8
We are to repent for anything we have done wrong, whether knowingly or unknowingly…because doing wrong deserves judgement and consequences. 2 Timothy 2:25. 1 Corinthians 4:4
When I am in right standing with God, I can call on Him to rise up against my enemies and stir up justice and vindication for me. Luke 7:35. Romans 12:19.
The Lord judges people. He enforces justice according to a person’s rightnes, justice towards others, and right standing with Him. He establishes the uncompromisingly righteous – the upright in heart and in hormony with Him. Under the New Covenant, we are made righteous (in right standing with God) through Jesus …and we stay in His favor through repentance and obedience. The Lord is the defense and shield for His people. Romans 3:24
God tries the hearts, emotions, and thoughts of people. So, He is a right and true judge. Romans 8:27.
God is indignant towards sin. He determines an end to wickedness and those full of mischief and lies. Their evil plans will fall back on them. They will fall into the very pit they were digging for others. If a man does not repent, he will come under judgement and penalty. 2 Peter 3:9. John 3:16
We should be thankful for God’s justice and rightness! He overcomes evil with His goodness! Romans 12:21
Sing praise to the Lord Most High!

Psalms 8
Here we come to know God better in His excellence and majesty! His glory is even above all the glories of the heavens! This Psalm is also prophetic of Jesus!
Even babies and small children praise Him because in His strength (His right hand), He has silenced the enemy. This is prophetic of Jesus. Jeus reminds us of this in Matthew 21:16. It is Jesus who overcame Satan at the cross and silenced the accuser of the bretheran, and now sits at the right strong hand of the Father….Revelation 12:10.
Yet, in all God’s magnificence, He has a heart toward mankind and the son of man. In the Hebrew languare, verses 5-6 could also be translated as..
“You have made him a little lower than God and crowned him with glory and honor. You have made him ruler over the works of your hands, you put everything under his feet.”
Do you see the prophetic message in this about Jesus, the Son of God, who was made the son of man, who overcame the enemy and is now seated at the right hand of the Father, is appointed the King of heaven and earth with everything under His feet. Ephesians 1: 18-23. 1 Corinthians 15: 20-28
God is so mindful and loving of His created mankind that He sacrifices Himself to rescue and deliver them from the enemy and bring them back to Himself! John 3:16. Ephesians 1:4
Oh Lord, how majestic and marvelous is Your name (Jesus – Yehosua – means Savior) in all the earth! This is most certainly true! Even rocks will cry out in praise! Luke 19:40.

Psalm 9
While this Psalm may reflect struggles David was having with earthly enemies, the Holy Spirit inspired him with prophetic words about Jesus, the Mesiah. Instead of reading it from a natural view of how God helps us, read it prophetically…..
I will praise You Lord with my whole heart! I will recount aloud Your marvelous, wonderful works! I will rejoice in You and be in high spirits.
(I can hear all the saints singing this in heaven on the Lord’s Day and into eternity.)
My enemies were turned back and stumbled and perished before You. You maintained my cause and made me right (righteous). You sat on the throne judging righteously.
(God maintained pursuit to make the Way of righteousness for mankind through Jesus. He turned back Satan who stumbled over Jesus, and has destined Satan to perish.)
You rebuked the nations, destroyed the wicked in everlasting ruins, and even blotted out their name forever so there is no more memory of them.
(In the Last Day, Jesus will rebuke the nations and detroy the wicked.)
The Lord remains and continues forever. He prepared and established His throne for judgement. He will administer justice uprightly and with equity.
(Jesus will judge and then reign as Lord and King in the Millennium and forever.)
The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed and a stronghold in trouble. Those who really know You and experience You will trust You and lean entirely on You. Those who seek for You out of their necessity, based on the authroity of Your Word, will be received.
(Those who love the Lord Jesus, know Him in relationship, and trust His Word of His gospel, will be saved. They will no longer be oppressed by evil or trouble. The Lord is their eternal refuge.)
So, even here and no on this earth…therefore…
Sing praise to the Lord who dwells in Zion. Declare to the people what He has done! (So they will hear and belive and be saved too!)
Our Lord does not forget the afflicted. He avenges the blood of His people shed unjustly. (Consider that the blood of Jesus was shed unjustly and how God used it to avenge Satan.)
Consider me and ahve mercy and grace on me Lord, when You see how the enemies (evil, Satan, demons, wicked mankind) afflict me. Lift me up from the gates of death and hell. (As You lifted up Jesus in resurrection from death and hell, so save me from death and hell through Jesus sacrifice.)
I will recount aloud what You have done for me and give You praise!!!
“In the gates of the Daughter of Zion (bride of Christ), I will rejoice in Your salvation and your saving help!” (We will praise Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit for who they are and their marvelous work forever!)
(At the Last Day)….
The nations have sunk into their own pit and their foot is caught in their own net. The wicked, all those who forget or disregard God, are turned back headlong into hell.
The Lord has made Himself known…revealed Himself. (Jesus will return in glory to earth and reveal Himself to all!)
He executes judgement. (The judgement throne of God).
The needy (those dependent on Him) will not be forgotten. There is hope for the meek (humble) and poor. (Matthew 5: 3-12. Our real eternal and true hope is in the Lord.)
Verses 19-20, “Arise, Oh Lord! Let not man prevail, let the nations be judged before You. Put them in fear and make them realize their frail nature, O Lord, that the nations may know themselves to be but men.”
Jesus is Lord of all forever!