A Savior is Born

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”  Luke 2:11.  This is the verse used in the Charlie Brown Christmas TV special to explain the meaning of Christmas.  Often we think of it as a religious comment. But, it is so much more and there is a lot being said in that one sentence.

Let’s consider the assumption first.  It assumes we need a Savior.  Do we need a Savior?  I mean really?  I’m living a pretty good life and I am a pretty good person.  What do I need saving from?  Good question.

We need to go back to the very beginning.  For now, consider that there really is a Higher Being who created earth, all that is in it, and His highest creation of humans.  (We will examine the evidence for this Creator another time.) He gave humans authority/rule over all of earth, but He expected to still be included in all of it.  However, the first humans discovered that they could become independent from their Creator Father and rule like Him without Him ( be as a god to themselves – today called humanism).  They chose the other way and separated themselves from the Source of their Life.  The consequence was death.

Now the Bible (God’s wisdom), tells us that the Life is in the blood.  So the DNA of their blood became contaminated/twisted.  Now, any seed they produced would multiply the same contaminated DNA.  So, what is a Loving Father to do?

He promised a Savior….someone who would conquer death….and bring restored relationship between the Creator Father and His created children/humans and bring Life again.  Today, we call this man Jesus.  At Christmas we sing about His birth into our real physical world.  Mary and Joseph were told to call His name, “Yeshua” (in Hebrew ).  It means “One who Saves”.   This should have been translated into English as “Joshua”.  Have you ever wondered why it was not?  A question to answer another time.

Question for today is….do you need a Savior?  If you now think you might, then you really have a reason to celebrate this Christmas!  Because He really came as promised!  And all you need to do is ask Jesus/Yeshua with a sincere heart that you want to know about Him and come to really know Him.  It opens the door/gives permission for Him to begin to reveal Himself to you. Then you will know the true joy of Christmas!

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