Guess Who?

Who can visit every home in one night?  Who knows if you are sleeping or awake?  Who knows if you are bad or good?  Who knows everyones’ name and where they live and what they need or want?  Who loves children and wants to be a father to them all?  Who brings gifts for all the children who love and believe in him?  Who has helpers in his gift giving?  Who lives “on the sides of the north” and so far away that no one really ever sees him?  Who displays exceptional character of love, peace, and joy? Who never fails to deliver on time?  Who rides in the air of heaven?  Did you guess Santa Claus?  WRONG!  Santa Claus is an attractive counterfeit.  You might think I am a Scrooge, but I am thinking Santa is a glory snatcher….possible even a “cheerful” deception.   He is not the real deal.  He does not even really exist.  Just because Santa Claus does not really exist, does not mean that there is no one with these attributes.   There is a true and real Father Who really does exist and deserves all the glory all the time.  Do you know Him?

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