Come Home – A New Beginning

Christmas is a time of coming home.  At Christmas we remember that the Father so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…so that we could come home to our Creator Father. The Bible story of the prodigal son is about coming home and a new beginning.  Luke 15: 11-32.

In this story, the son asks the father for an early inheritance and then leaves the father to go into the world.  He spends his father’s gift on socializing and pleasures. He is foolish and consumes it all, leaving none to plant.  It is like seed in a bag with holes that the birds eat as it falls out.  Now being separated from his source, the son comes to destruction and not enough money.  To survive, he is forced to become enslaved to a hard taskmaster. Can we identify to feeling enslaved by our situation?  His employer does not even provide him the garbage food fed to the pigs. The son is totally on his own.  How hopeless, lonely, fruitless, desolate, dark, and depressing.  What is he to do?  Have you ever felt like you are struggling and struggling and there is just never enough? Is there any way to change these terrible circumstances of working and working with little reward? Yet, these are consequences of his own choices?

Here is the amazing turn around for a new beginning…a few small words in this story in Luke say,  “when he came to his senses”.   We could also say…when he woke up…when he saw the light…when he became enlightened…when he remembered his father!  That is the work of the Holy Spirit…to bring to our remembrance…to comfort…to encourage….to bring hope….to bring to conviction and repentance…to bring us home to our Creator Father by enlightening us with the truth of Jesus who makes the way home.  It is a new beginning with great hope and love.  How appropriate for our new year.  What choices will we make this new year?


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