In Matthew 4, we read about Satan’s temptation of Jesus/Yeshua.  I believe it was to prepare Him with a strong foundation to overcome worldly temptation.  Satan’s first temptation was to offer relief to His physical fleshly hunger after not eating for 40 days.  Yeshua remained faithful and denied His starving flesh in choosing spiritual obedience to God’s Word, His primary bread of life.  Satan’s second temptation was for Yeshua to test the trustworthiness of His Father’s Word of protection. Yeshua trusted the Father and His Word without having to test it.  Satan’s third temptation was to make Yeshua king of all the glory and wealth of the whole world, if only Yeshua would make Satan His lord and master.  Again, Yeshua depended on and quoted the Father’s Word, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only.”

Have you ever thought that Satan may have continued with those temptations during Yeshua’s ministry?  Yeshua often had no comfortable place to lay His head, he got hungry and thirsty. He did not spend His time on earth in worldly pleasures. He did not test God’s Word to see if it was true. He fulfilled God’s Word.  He never sinned and bowed His knee to Satan.  He humbled Himself as a Servant, instead of demanding the right of the Holy Son of the Glorious Father.

Now to the “what if”.  Remember how Yeshua fought in prayer in the Garden of Eden?  He knew the torture, the cross, and separation from His Heavenly Father was directly ahead of Him.  This was likely the prime time for Satan to offer and “east out” with the temptation of giving Yeshua the whole earthly kingdom if He would only bow down and make Satan His Lord.  Satan would not require the torture and cross.  What a personal temptation that must have been!  No wonder He asked for His disciples to support Him in prayer.  No wonder He fought to the point of shedding blood.  Yet, Yeshua chose obedience to His Father, unto death, with the joy of the results set before Him.

With great thanksgiving and praise we rejoice that Yeshua did not choose Satan’s “what if”.  He chose to walk in faith….Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of what we cannot see.”

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