My What If?


Goodness Gracious!  Lots of What ifs!  What about MY “What if?”  Which will I choose on a consistent daily basis?  Will I choose to continually live with my Father in His kingdom and in His ways?  Or will I choose to go my own way or the world’s way?  And will I be sincere in my efforts or apathetic and lukewarm?   Do I really think that if I do my duty to just show up and visit Him once in awhile that this will please my Father?  Am I a prodigal son/daughter?  Am I a hypocritical prodigal son/daughter, just deceiving myself?  Do I really just want to keep the Father’s name of “Christian” and enjoy His blessings, but still go my own way?  We must examine our hearts and minds. Do I really want to stay alone in the world, outside the presence of my Father?  Is it time for me to come home to my Father?

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