Love is Relational

I was inspired when I heard Pastor David Pawson say, “Love is relational.”  Of course, how simple and true! You can only have real love in a close relationship.  Now, remember that God is Love.  God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are relational in real true love.  They are three persons yet “being one” in this true kind of love.  It is not just a romantic or sentimental kind of love.  It is totally committed to being one together….having the same thoughts, going the same way together.  It is the way marriage was intended to be (as in the example of Jesus the Bridegroom and His people being His Bride).  It is the love of parent for child (as the Father to His children; as the father in the parable of the prodigal son).  It is the way the Creator intended His family to be with Him…together in love as one.  Jesus prayed that we would love one another and be as one even as He and the Father are one.

Being a Christian is not just believing Jesus exists and is a Savior or just a religious philosophy, it is a close committed relationship of love with and in Christ!

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