First Love

When the sins of the world were placed on Yeshua (Jesus = name by traditional English translation) on the cross and separated Him from His Father, He cried out,  ”Why have You forsaken Me?”  Love was buying back His beloved creation of mankind.  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit paid a great price to allow us to choose Him/Love again.

In making a choice, a vow, to be His forever, we are born again from the fallen sinful spirit of this world into His wonderful Holy Spirit in us.  Such an awesome miracle and gift!  I cannot take that lightly or for granted.  It grieves me that some who claim to be part of His family can be lukewarm concerning relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Without faithful and passionate love relationship, religion is nothing.  I so encourage every person to get to know Father, Son Yeshua (Jesus), and Holy Spirit …intimately….in continual fellowship. He abides with us and in us…… when we sincerely ask the One true God , three persons in one, into our life in a covenant/promise/vow for a forever relationship of love.

Become married/united/one with Him.  And then continue on with Him… keeping Him as the head of your house.

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