Grace – Free But Costly

Grace by definition is freely given undeserved or unearned.  Example: A father does something for his child; not because the child deserves it or has earned it. Often the child cannot do it on his/her own, so the father graciously comes to help and provide.  What if the child refuses the gracious provision saying, “I want to do it myself!”?  What if the child opens the gift, but thinks it is not what he/she wanted, so throws it aside and runs off to pursue other things?  A gracious gift can be given but not received.

God’s gift of grace came through Jesus on the cross.  In the Old Testament, God’s mercy came through the Law and sacrifices.  Jesus made a new and living way for God’s grace to be offered freely to all (no works of the Law required), but at priceless cost to Him.

It is freely offered, but it does require a response of faith in Jesus to receive it.  Jesus is the Gift of Grace. You cannot have the grace without having Jesus. Faith means trusting in and abiding in….it is a relationship word.   Ephesians 2: 8 says we are saved by grace through faith.  So, even if God’s grace is free, not everyone receives Him.  You cannot have His grace without having faith in, trusting in, relying on, and continuing to follow Jesus in relationship.

His grace is meant to bring us to righteousness…His way of right being, right living, right thinking, right doing.  Does God extend grace to the wicked?  Yes, but that means repentance, to change directions leaving the old life and receiving new life in Jesus and His righteousness.  Once in His family, God’s grace is ongoing to those who stay and grow with Him.  His amazing grace saved me and keeps on saving me…..

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