Believers in Hell?

Satan believes THAT Yeshua (Jesus) is the Creator Father’s Son, the third person of the Trinity, and also the Savior of mankind.  In fact, Satan knows this is true. (I use the name Yeshua because that is the Hebrew name that the Father instructed His Son be called.) Satan will still be believing THAT Yeshua exists even while in hell.  He has people deceived thinking if they “believe THAT” Yeshua saves, they will be saved, even if they do not “believe IN” Yeshua. Confused?

The big difference is in the two little words: “that” and “in”.  Believing “THAT” Jesus is Savior will not get you eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.  You must believe “IN” Yeshua (Jesus) as your Savior.  “IN” means having faith in, trusting in, linking in, following in, relying in, depending in, living in….”IN” relationship with.

This “IN” believing requires turning away from Satan’s worldly kingdom and into God’s heavenly kingdom (repentance).  It is changing citizenship and family and allegiance.  It is not just knowing what the truth is, it is a relationship with Yeshua and living IN Him….being IN His family and staying IN it by faith revealed in the actions and behaviors we choose….in continuing to follow Him/His authority and headship, and being His people! Are you a believer “that” or “in” ?

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