Fear and Reverence

God stands in righteousness, holiness, purity, goodness, and truth.  He does not change.  The wrath of God still remains on sin and the evil fallen world.  When Yeshua (Jesus) returns, He is coming in judgment! Do you really want to be part of that world when He comes?  He has made a way of escape from that wrath and hell for those who are His, those who are IN relationship with Him.  Yeshua/Jesus is the ONLY Way back into the grace and love of Yehweh/ Father God.   What do you think it means to say, “Jesus is my Savior?”

Salvation comes through repentance, change, and dependence on Yeshua as Savior… every day, in all of our life.  We fear God…. His holiness, righteousness and sovereignty.   So, we read His words (Bible), pray, and walk His right ways!

We like to hear the modern message of God’s love and grace, but we must also remember to honor Him with reverence and fear.  Yeshua (Jesus) warns us to not be so concerned about physical death, but rather about the second death in eternal judgment…and to fear the One who judges.   Today’s deception is that I believe Jesus is my Savior so I have my ticket to heaven, but I can still live how I want because of God’s grace.  That is a lukewarm, prostitute bride who abuses the love and grace of the Bridegroom.  Yeshua (Jesus) is NOT that kind of Savior…He is so so so much more!  It is so amazingly good to be IN Him!

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