A New Creation – A New Way

Am I a new creation trying to live the old way?  Maybe just because I do not know how to live the new way yet?  Maybe some have not even searched for the new way yet?

All of these thoughts come washing through me…..

Saved by grace as a free gift through my faith.

I am a new creation in Jesus, old has passed away and all is new. (Trying to overcome the old way in my own efforts does not and will not work. Even if my intention is to please Him.  He desires me more than the works.  And if I am His, He desires for me to bear our fruitful works through Him by abiding in the Vine.)

God desires mercy (grace) and not sacrifice.

Lean not to my own understanding, but in all my ways acknowledge Him and He will make my paths straight.

Take up my cross and follow Him.

The pure in heart shall see God.

When I am weak, then He is strong.

Lay down my life….die to self…and let Him live in me.

Dead to sin, but alive in Him.

I have died to this world, that I might live in Him.

Not by might nor power, but by Your Spirit, O Lord.

I overcome by being/abiding/living in Him, not by my own works and efforts.  He is the Savior and Deliverer….not me.

Without Him, I can do nothing.

He is my Source, my Love, my Life, my Strength, my Victory, my Joy, my Everything!

He never fails.

I am His workmanship….I hold fast and stand strong in Him by faith.  I trust Him.

To me this is salvation by relationship in love with Yeshua/Jesus.  It has a beginning, but continues on and on and on and on and on……to everlasting life.

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