A Small Thing

This past Saturday, I had to pass a kidney stone.  Amazing that such a small thing can cause so much extreme pain and trouble! I determined to do whatever it takes to prevent having one again! Immediately, I had asked the Holy Spirit to help me get through this and to heal me. Now, I am asking the Holy Spirit to intervene to help me prevent another one in the future. The Holy Spirit took the opportunity to teach me something else through this situation.

Sin is like a kidney stone.  It does not belong in the body of Christ.  It might even be a little thing, but sin is always the cause of pain and trouble.  Jesus came to cleanse us from all sin so that we might live.  He saves and heals.  Sin grieves the Holy Spirit, even a little of it.  We can ask the Holy Spirit to intervene and help us by preventing sin in our lives….making less opportunity for it……and teaching us what to stay away from.

I am also reminded that the original sin in the garden of Eden was also “a little thing” in the eyes of Adam and Eve.  It was just a little bite!  Don’t be fooled.  Don’t be deceived.  A little sin does cause extreme pain, trouble, and grieving! We need to be prepared to deal with sin before it is found in us. Those consequences are horrible!

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