Before Revival Comes

Before revival can come, people must see their need for revival….their need to be revived.  They must realize that they are dead in their sins and desperately need resuscitation for Life!

I speak from an American/western worldview.  Our humanistic centered culture tells us that everyone is basically good….and everyone is special….that everyone can be self-actualized….and self-empowered to prosper!  So, why would anyone need God? Therefore, many are atheistic or agnostic.

Also, a great majority of religious people think that God is so loving and full of grace that He would not judge anyone. Some believe that if they just acknowledge Him as the God who exists, that is salvation. Others even go so far as to say all religion is under one god who just happens to go by many names.  So, we are religiously fine, why need revival?

We live in a wealthy and comfortable culture….and things are all going well…so why do we need God?  We are a proud, patriotic, strong, and prosperous nation.  We can stand and overcome without God.

How will people today realize that they are really dead and in need of a Savior?  I believe that is the first step towards revival.


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