Am I a Christ Follower?

To be a true Christian (Christ follower), I must be revived/born again from living in the death of this world, into the life of Yeshua/Jesus.  This is a now and forever after relationship of faith and love.  It is not just saying a prayer to think we can accept Jesus by religion and then go back to our old way of life.  It is a total change in who I am and whose I am.

Is there any evidence inside me that I am now His?  Do I have new desires?  Do I have new thoughts and motivations?

He will lead me and teach me in separating from the old world and help me act like who I now am.  There will be outward evidence that I am no longer like the world.  I will be different and separated unto Him.

After our salvation and transformation into His kingdom, Yeshua/Jesus breathes on us the breath of the Holy Spirit that we might be sanctified….continual repentance and change leading to separation from the world and being made into the likeness of Him.  I am a new life, a new spirit, a new creature…the old has passed away!

That is revival and being saved from hell and into His heavenly kingdom!  It begins now, not after I die physically. It begins by realizing that I am dead, in sin, and headed for hell.

I need resuscitation! I need the breath of the Holy Spirit daily. Yeshua breathe your Spirit of life in me! I need to cut that old world off and turn around (change) to being a follower, a faithful bride, a worshipper of Yeshua/Jesus.  Make Him my love, my every breath, my every thought, my everything!  Then, we will experience the true joy of revival!

(Read Romans to confirm this message in your spirit.)

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