The Rider on the White Horse Comes to America

The rider on the white horse is coming to America first.  The judgment of the Father comes to his own house first.  America was the first and only country born Christian.  We still claim to be a Christian nation even though we deceive ourselves by acting like the world. We say we love God and go to church, but most of our hearts are not really in it.  By example, America tells all nations that abortion, pornography, adultery, fornication, homosexuality, self seeking, prosperity seeking, power seeking, and pleasure seeking.. are all OK.  We are the prodigal son who takes the inheritance from the Father, but then leaves the Father’s presence to pursue worldly pleasures, adventures, financial gain, and to make a name for ourselves. Without the Father’s presence and our working together with Him, America will also end up in the pig pen.  But, our hope is in our repentance….to turn around and with our whole heart, mind, word, and strength….go back home to the Father!

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