The Rider on the White Horse Comes with Heavenly Power and Authority

The rider on the white horse will come with heavenly power and authority to judge and conquer worldly evil.  If we are sold out in the world systems when he comes, then we will be hurt and experience suffering by loss.  If your heart is truly focused on Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, the loss of worldly things will not seem like much loss.  Truth will bring discernment to open our eyes that we might rightly divide good from evil and narrow our focus.

The announcement of the white horse thunders!  Do you hear the voice from heaven when it announces the release of the white horse rider and thunders, “Come and see!”?  Wake up and open your ears and eyes!  You say you love Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but where do you really focus your eyes, your time, and efforts?  In reality examine yourself and ask, “Am I really serving gods of pleasure, money, wealth, prosperity, comfort, entertainment, popularity, social gatherings, and prideful self accomplishment?  What is the real motive for what I do? Is it really for love of God and family? Am I living a self-life or a crucified to self life as Jesus lived for me?  Who owns me?  Who is my Lord? Or am I an unthinking blind drifter without any direction or focus?  Where will that get me? Where am I going?”

Repentance is good news!  It is the moment we come to our senses and turn back to our Father through Jesus our Savior!  It brings us back to a living, true, intimate relationship with Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  We get free from deception and the evil enticements to worldly bondage under satan.  America has already felt the first of these birth pains…..9/11, hurricanes, wild fires in the West, tornados in the Midwest, heavy winters in the East Coast.  We now have political upheaval internally and internationally with North Korea, Russia, China, Iran, and the Arab/Muslim nations and terrorists. The morality of America is falling into the pits with violence, rebellion, drugs, pornography, sexual immorality, self-love, self-actualization and the media motivating people to do what they want, have what they want, and be whatever they want.  Things are going to get more dramatic and troublesome with events coming closer together.

But, now when you see these things, you can know that this is meant for good, for justice against evil, to bring many people to repentance, and the opening of eyes to Truth!  Change your focus….look up!  Jesus our redemption draws neigh!

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