Faithful as a Bride

Throughout the Bible, God gives the illustration of His people being like His bride.  Am I being his faithful bride?  This is so immensely more than believing He exists or even that I try to please Him sometimes or visit His house regularly! Am I faithful to Him in relationship like I would be to my spouse, my children, or my best friend? Am I faithful to Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit because I love them so much?  Do I stand with the Godhead at all costs?  Do I consider myself a loyal, steadfast, constant, devoted, loving, faithful person?  Do you see how that goes way past believing the true fact that Jesus is the Son of God the Father?  Even Satan believes that true fact.  Am I in close relationship and working together with Jesus and following His ways? Do I really have faith in Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit…and am I really being faithful in what I do and how I live?

It is more than saying a prayer as a vow in an effort to gain salvation, but then turning and going my own way or back to the way of the world.  It is more than belonging to a religious organization.  It is a marriage relationship that is lived out in faithfulness.

“Faith by itself, if it does not have works (corresponding actions), is dead.”  James 2:17

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