The Object of My Faith

Do my actions correspond to what I say I am believing and who I am faithful to?  The Bible says we can deceive ourselves!  Have I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to me when I read the bible? Do I read His Word and listen to the Holy Spirit?  Is attending church and believing what someone else says enough for me?  Am I just following something someone has told me is true? Surely you do not believe everything I say just because I say it?  Who is the real object of your faith and what do you really believe?  Why? On what foundation do you build your faith and what you believe to be true?

Maybe we can learn from the deceived Pharisees of Jesus day.  They were religiously following the law and consistently at the synagogue.  They were highly regarded as the righteous men of their time.  Most lived their lives in passionate defense of their religion.  Saul was a deceived Pharisee before being born again into Paul the apostle.  He imprisoned and killed people in defense of his religion.  He truly believed in God and was passionately defending what he believed was true.  He was faithful to Judaism – a religious system.  But, he was wrong.  He did not really know the Father or he would have recognized Jesus His Son.  Jesus said the Pharisees were the blind leading the blind….and they were following their father Satan.

Paul had to meet Jesus who is the truth and be turned around. That is real repentance and being born again into a new living relationship.   How often the bible encourages us, “Oh that you might know Him”!  Once we know Him and love Him, we need to keep Him and His Words as the main focus of our faith and faithfulness. What does faith and faithfulness mean to you?  And who or what is the object of your faith?


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