Faithfulness Tested

True faith shows up under testing and trouble and persecution.  Believe me.  We live in a fallen world of trouble.  If I remain faithful and endure through the trouble, then it is my love and faithfulness that helps me to overcome with Him.  I am depending on His strength.  This is even in our earthly reality in marriage.  When trouble comes, do we remain in love and faithfulness to one another and get through it together to the end?  If we do, our marriage relationship gets even stronger….and our trust and faith in one another grows.  It is faith working faithfully together motivated by love!

We are saved by the love and grace of God, through faith which is real, active, from the heart; following God faithfully; resulting in working with Him in His works.  We are not saved by works, we are saved by grace through faith.  But faith without corresponding actions is dead.  Let’s take great heed to Jesus warnings to the churches in Revelation so that we do not allow other things to become more important than Him; so that we do not let our love and faith become lukewarm; so that we are not easily enticed or deceived into going another way; so that we do not find ourselves on the brink of death in our relationship with Him.

We will not be perfect in this life, but we can do our best to remain faithful to Him and His Words and Way. We can guard our hearts with faithfulness and love.

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