Building on the Rock Intro

Let’s build on the Rock together.  Matthew 5-7 is traditionally known as His sermon on the mount. And the first verses in Matt. 5 are often spoken of as “The Beatitudes”.  I admit that for many years I would read these verses and they seemed to be hard to understand.  But, it is vital we understand them because it is the foundation of what Jesus has to teach us about building on the Rock!

Why do you think they are called “The Beatitudes”?  I think it is because they teach character qualities that our Father sees as making us beautiful!  He does not look on the body.  He looks on the heart – the inside of a person.  We will move ahead in the coming days to discover what our Father sees as beauty in a person…..and maybe also learn why this would be our important beginning and foundation of these teachings of Jesus to build on the Rock.

Until next time, consider the first blessing in Matt. 5:3, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” What do you think that means?

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