Before we move on to Matt. 5:2, there are a few things we must take time to seriously think about.  If we have recognized our need for Jesus and have decided to accept His offer to be adopted into His family, then we must know a little of what it means to come into His kingdom.  First, in this new family relationship with God there is no grey!  Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit are really big on loyalty.  They expect our intentions and efforts to always be faithful, even if sometimes we mess up.

It is NOT OK to have part of our life living for the world and part of it living for God!  We should only be living in His kingdom and under His authority now.  The first commandment is to have no other things (idols or gods) above Him.

That is why He compares our relationship to Him like a marriage.  We are to be a faithful bride with NO other loves.  We have made a vow.  Grey areas are NOT acceptable.  This is not just a see you on Sunday and I will do what I want and follow other loves the other days of the week.  We are to live and fellowship with Him every day.  We should always strive to live in white robes of righteousness with Him.  And when we find out they have gotten dirty, we need to go immediately to Jesus so He can wash them clean for a new start and so we can try our best again. No dirty grey.

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