The Kingdom of Heaven

The blessing in this first verse (Matt. 5:1) is the kingdom of heaven.  Do you want to be in the kingdom of heaven?  What is the kingdom of heaven?  Sounds religious. The kingdom of heaven is the place where the Heavenly Father rules….in people and in the earth and heaven.  It is His domain, His territory, His place of authority, and with His created beings.

His heavenly kingdom is spiritual.  Jesus said that His kingdom was not of this world.  There is a spiritual place/dimension in heaven that is not just pretty angels floating on the clouds.  Our Father is the highest supreme spiritual being there, but there are many other extraordinary spiritual beings with Him.

Our Father is a Creator.  He creates with the purpose/motivation of love and intimate fellowship.  He wants his creations to work together with Him in love, like a family should.  He created all the angels and other spiritual beings in the heavenly dimension.  He called them “sons of God” because He did not create them to be robots or slaves.  He is a Father by character and not a dictator. They were created with freedom to choose and freedom to love.

His creation of humans was the same….an expansion of His kingdom to extend His love.  He also calls humans in His kingdom “sons and daughters”.  He gives all His created beings gifts, talents, abilities, purpose, ranks and jobs to do.  All of His family help in their special ways in His kingdom.  His kingdom in heaven and in earth is a busy place.  Sadly, some of His created beings (both heavenly and earthly) chose to separate from Him.  There is rebellion and mutiny in the earth!

Right now, we are exiles and prisoners in a fallen world.  The Bible warns us about the fallen spiritual beings who have become our Father’s adversaries/enemies.  They are against His kingdom and also against His children. But, when we choose to make Jesus our King, then His kingdom begins in us in the form of citizenship.  We no longer belong to this fallen world ruled by His adversaries.  He makes us strong to be overcomers, and prepares us for our eternal heavenly home in His heavenly kingdom.

I just thought you might want to think seriously if His kingdom is really what you want.  You cannot be citizens of both kingdoms.  You have to choose.  “Our Father who art in heaven…..Thy kingdom come….Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven….”

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