Cosmic War

If you call yourself a Christian, then you need to be aware of the cosmic war.  It is real.  It is happening all around us….for those who have eyes to see.  You do not need aliens and space ships to explain the supernatural.  A Christian believes in the supernatural worldview.  All of the Father God’s creations are created good.  But, they are also created with choice.  Without choice, love is not possible because true love cannot be forced.

Before this physical world was created, the Creator had already created beings in another spiritual dimension.  His intension was that they also be “sons of God”…..meaning in a family relationship with Him.  They were to live and work together in love.  That was the Creator’s same intent in expanding His good family (sons and daughters) into a good physical dimension to populate and manage it.

HOWEVER, long story short, one of his heavenly spiritual leaders decided on rebellion/mutiny and convinced others of his peers to follow him.  (Isaiah 14: 12-15)  An actual translation of satan means adversary.  This adversary then tempted and deceived humans to join in his rebellion by saying they could be like gods.  Original man who had been given authority over earth handed that authority over to satan.  And so it is today.

BUT, our Creator Father is not a quitter.  He immediately set in motion a plan to win back His creation and His created people.  Jesus is the fulfillment of that plan. The Bible/Word of God tells the whole story.

Jesus paid the ransom price for sin/rebellion and its consequences of death (which is separation from the Creator and eternal life) with Jesus own pure sinless life-filled blood.  When Jesus said, “It is finished”, it included the message “paid in full”.  NOW, we have the opportunity to switch sides!  When we join ourselves to Jesus, we become new spiritual beings, in a new spiritual family, and a new spiritual kingdom!

But, the cosmic war still rages.  The world is still fallen.  Many humans still live under satanic rule.  Jesus warned us that while in the world we would have trouble/storms.  But, you can still rejoice because Jesus has overcome the world.  (John 16:33)  You can build on the Rock!  One day the Day of the Lord’s Judgment will come; and then comes the time of the good kingdom and good people that the Creator Father originally intended for His family.   For now, build on the Rock, remain faithful, and prepare for battle!  The cosmic war is real! Whose side are you on?


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