Freedom to Build on the Rock

The theme of July 4th is freedom.

Be mindful of the kind of freedom you celebrate.  Be mindful of the kind of freedom our culture celebrates.

Our culture promotes unguarded freedom.  Have you noticed all the advertising, music, entertainment, even our legislation that promotes unguarded freedom?  Anything you want.  Do whatever you want.  Get what you want.  Have it your way.  Do what feels good. Say anything you want. Just do it.

That is not real freedom.  It is actually bondage by submitting to evil.  God’s Word tells us to guard our heart for abundance in life.  Real freedom is deliverance from evil.  Real freedom is being able to say NO to sin and evil. Jesus came to set us free in true freedom!

Do not be deceived.  God gives us choice so that we might choose good and choose Him.  Besides freedom allowing for love, it also determines destinations.  There are consequences to the choices we make.  Choose the Rock and then keep standing on it even in the storms and in the midst of the other windy people around you.

Celebrate our freedom in Jesus Christ, our Savior to be free from sin, death, and evil! Who the Son sets free is free indeed!

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