The Ultimate Comfort

Our ultimate comfort and hope is in knowing Jesus….that He has overcome the world and sin….and that He has prepared a place for us in His heavenly kingdom.  Jesus has reversed the fallen state of humans…..and has restored us to the Creator Father.  Our real inside person is born again and adopted into a new name and a new family.  No matter what happens here on earth, we have a blessed eternal hope in Jesus!  He is our ultimate eternal comfort.

In time, this will all totally manifest. This world we live in is only temporary….there is so much more to come!  Even the patriarchs and prophets of the Old Testament had to believe and hold fast to God’s promises for the future without seeing them come to pass in their lifetime.

Do you really believe there is life after earthly death?  Are you willing to risk losing this life and counting it as nothing?  When Satan tries to entice you with things of this world to follow his way, will you say “no” now?  Are you willing to endure in faith and wait for the heavenly blessings? Do we live like we really believe in eternity?  Or are we mostly living just for today and for the things in this world that comfort our flesh? Jesus also faced these temptations for comfort in the wilderness in bodily hunger, being a powerful ruler, and testing the faithfulness of His Father.  He said “no” and was obedient to the Word of God. The Bible calls these flesh comforting temptations…..the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life.  Will we sell out to these worldly comforts?

I am not saying we do not need to attend to our earthly responsibilities.  I am not saying that God will not provide physical and mental comfort and even healing.  It is actually more of a heart and attitude adjustment.  When push comes to shove, what determines my choices and actions?  Suffering and trouble/tribulation come to everyone in this world.  Am I prepared?  What or who is the foundation of my life built upon…Rock or sand?  Will I endure past the temptations of the earthly comfort zone and faithfully rest in His spiritual comfort and promises?

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