Meekness Towards Our Father

One aspect of this kind of “meek” means to be submissive.  Jesus came to tell us that our Creator is “Father” and has the character of a good father.  He is also the rightful authority.  We, as His children, need to come under His authority by being submissive to Him. We need to respect our Father.  We need to listen and obey.

Most people today do NOT want to hear this.  They want a Father who will be around to give them good “stuff”.  They want a Father who will “play” with them when they want to play. They want a Father who will let them do whatever they want to do.  They want a Father who does not make them accountable for their words or actions…and easily dismisses error and sin with unrepentant forgiveness.  Our Father is FULL of love, grace, forgiveness and mercy….BUT not at the expense of spoiling His children!

Our Father is a good Father who trains and disciplines His children.  He teaches them the right and good way to go….even when we don’t want to hear it.  And He is patient to keep on keeping on in this training even when it takes us many times to “get it”.  He is faithful and good.  He is righteous and holy.  His love makes all this available to His children who are meek, humble, submissive, repentant, and obedient ….which should be our expression of our love and faithfulness.

Meek should be a very good thing, not a bad thing.

Our Father’s original intention as Creator was to create a family to be with and work with.  He never changes.  He is always Father.  We were intended to live with Him and under Him; to work with Him in ruling the earth.  You can read in Genesis how God gave Adam authority over all the earth and its creatures.  Adam and Eve were to take care of the garden in which they lived….with the Father walking alongside.

God’s plan has never changed.  One day, the earth will be made new, Jesus will rule as King and authority, and His people (submissive in faith and conviction) will rule and take care of the earth…with Him and under Him.  Get ready, this is not going to be a democracy….it is going to be a theocracy by the rule of one Son of God and Son of Man, one perfect King, Jesus our Savior.

“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”

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