Who Am I Meek Towards?

This blog is longer than most…but hang in there…it is vital and worth the read…….

So, maybe we have chosen to not be prideful and full of self.  That is a good character quality.  But now comes the really big question!

If meek means humble and willing to submit, then who or what am I submitting to?  Being meek is not always good.  It largely depends on who you are meek towards…who you follow…..or who/what is your authority.

In Matthew 5:5, Jesus was teaching Israelites who wanted to hear about following their God Yahweh. So, here when Jesus (Yeshua) teaches that the meek will inherit the earth, He is directing meekness towards humbling self under Father Creator Yahweh who has the right and authority to determine who inherits creation.  That submission and meekness is the good and true thing to do.  Yeshua was in total submission/meekness towards Yahweh and He never sinned.

However, people often submit to other “gods”.  That is how this all started in the Garden of Eden.  And that is still the temptation today.  It can happen by ignorance of truth, deception or twisted truth, temptation, or by prideful rebellion.

Who do you submit to?  Do you submit to what your flesh wants and what feels good?  Do you submit to peer pressure and popularity?  Do you submit to cultural norms (everybody is doing it)?  Do you submit to being “politically correct” (tolerant and liberal)?  Do you submit to academic intelligence and the knowledge of educational institutions (evolution and dispensationalism)? Do you submit to every evangelist, teacher, pastor, prophet who says they are from God? Do you submit to popular ideology (we can all come together in love and call god by any name) or Biblical ideology (there is only One True God the Father and we are joined to Him through One Savior Jesus Christ – Yeshua)?

We need to get serious and ask ourselves, “Who or what am I really following and submitting my life to?”  You can get hints by listening to what you say or take note of what you do and the decisions you make?  We cannot afford to just “float along” in life. Wide is the way of destruction and narrow is the way to life (Matt. 7: 13-14). Wrong submission brings bad consequences.

We need to examine our real everyday life. Am I really building my house on the Rock? Or am I just saying that because it sounds religiously good?  Am I just deceiving myself?  Am I allowing someone else to deceive me by not learning truth for myself from God’s Word in the Bible? Jesus compared people to lost sheep in danger of being devoured by wolves. Who am I listening to and following? Am I really serving myself or serving Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit?  Am I just a Sunday Christian or is being a follower of Jesus every minute in complete submission and meekness my reality and goal?

Psalm 25: 4-5, “Show me Your ways O LORD.  Teach me Your paths.  Lead me in Your truth and teach me.  For You are the God of my salvation.  On You I wait all the day.”


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