How Do I Get To Know My Heavenly Father?

How do I get to know my heavenly Father and His ways?  He reveals Himself, His character, and His ways in His Word by the Holy Spirit.  He has preserved it for us that we might live and grow in Him.

We are supposed to have a personal relationship with Father, Son Yeshya (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.  Someone else may introduce you to them.  Someone else may even share with you what they know about them.  BUT, you must interact with a person to have a relationship with them.  You need to get to know them for yourself!  The more time together, the closer the relationship! Do not try to have a real relationship via a go-between of church or spiritual leader.

Have you ever put much effort into knowing your heavenly Father more by diligently reading His Word for yourself?  A good start in knowing Father might be to go to and do a word search of “father” and check out all the verses in the New Testament. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the Father to you. Take time in prayer to talk with Him about what you have read….and take time to listen quietly….no other distractions.

Our Creator Father is a King and Supreme authority. He is good, holy, righteous (right) and just.  He is real Love and real Truth.  He has good rules/commandments that lead to life when followed. He says, “Choose this day who you will serve.” (Deuteronomy 30:19; Joshua 24:15).  He gives us His commands/instructions in His Word…Old and New Testament. His Word is the sure and true way that He reveals His character and His ways. And the Holy Spirit is there to help you come to know pure and real Truth.

How wonderful that He has made a way for us to be His children and call Him Father…that we might be enabled to come to know Him more!  


That is a start….more to come……

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