Do I Have To Do This Myself?

Yes. It is personal communication in a personal relationship.  It is not burdensome….IF you have laid the first two foundations we went through previously.  You MUST be united to Yeshua/Jesus in “marriage” covenant/vow.  Then, He will send you the Holy Spirit when you ask.  The Holy Spirit is your Teacher, your Comforter, your Counselor, your Mentor, your Coach.  Now, seeking to know the Father and His ways through His Word is delightful and challenging….with the help of the Holy Spirit.

So, how do you start?  We remember it starts with personal relationship and desire to know Him more.  It starts with prayer and fellowship with Father, Son Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit.  Find a quiet place and time and greet Him with honor, joy, and thanksgiving.  Then, read at least a paragraph from His Word (Bible). Ask questions. Take time to talk and listen.  Come with a humble heart, ready for instruction, willing to repent and change.  If you are truly seeking Him with a loving, committed, passionate heart and pursuing to know Father, Son, and Holy Spirit more, He will reveal Himself and His ways personally to you.  It is usually not instant, rather a process.  It is a growing process….little by little, line upon line, building one truth upon another.

Think about this: How did you get to know your earthly father/parent?  You spent a lot of time with him.  You came to recognize his voice.  You heard what he said and watched what he did.  You learned what he approved of and what he disapproved of.  You heard his instructions and sometimes his warnings and reprimands.  But, you also felt the warmth and security of his love.  You lived, played, and worked with him.  Time passed and you really got to know your father/parent.

Your father’s intentions were to equip you for life.  He has given some guidelines that lead to a good life and warnings to stay out of trouble, pits, and destruction.  So, if someone says, “It will be OK with your Dad….come with us”; then you will be able to judge.  Is that what my Dad would say?  Is that what my Dad would do?  Does that sound like his voice?  Does it seem like it is coming from his character, attitudes and thoughts….his way of being and doing?  You may conclude, “that does not sound like my Dad” and escape that pit.

It is the same way in coming to know Father, Son Yeshua, and Holy Spirit.  Knowing the words, character, and ways of the Father, will enable the “check” in your spirit to identify counterfeits and pitfalls.  You need a personal relationship and you also need to have personal revelations in knowing Him.  You must build your own foundation on the Father’s Word as taught to you by the Holy Spirit, your personal teacher.  You should not build on another’s foundation.  You MUST read His Word, the Bible, for yourself.  We are building on the Rock.


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