Where And How Do I Start In The Word?

Maybe start by reading the whole book of Matthew (being that is the book we are studying to build our house on the Rock).  I try to read in “chunks”…..meaning in paragraphs, chapters, or the whole book.  When all the words are taken in context, the meaning is made more clear.

For example, we are studying Matthew chapters 5-7.  When I read that in a “chunk”, I can more easily see that the whole thing is one sermon that Jesus spoke.  It starts at the beginning where people need to start and ends with the goal and summary.  All the information and detail between is related.  If I separate the beginning and just talk about the “Beatitudes”, I might miss the related details that follow and the whole goal for them.  If I only read the end about building your house on rock instead of sand, then it may sound good, but I really do not know how to do that.  If I only read the details in the middle, I get a hint of how to deal with one part of my life….but it could also be easily misunderstood being it is being read “out of context”.  Are you getting the idea?

I recommend you eventually set a goal to read the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation as a whole book from beginning to end….always asking for the Holy Spirit to teach and reveal the truth to you.  You will discover spiritual patterns.  You will learn about things you may have never heard from any pulpit or conference.  The Old Testament prophets will be a big surprise.  They are nothing like today’s “prophets”.  Reading the whole Bible starting in Genesis and ending in Revelation, like a novel, changed my life! Just like reading the “chunk” of Matthew 5-7 gives so much more insight than just a few verses, reading the whole “chunk” of the Word of God brings great revelation of who Creator is, His plan, His ways, how He works, and what we can expect in the future.

Getting to know someone is a process and takes time.  Just be consistent and persistent.  Exercise self discipline.  Read His Word, at least daily.  Just turn off the TV, computer, and phone; maybe give up some entertainment or cancel a social outing, and find some quiet time. Spouses can take turns so that the kids are covered.  If you are serious, you will find a way.  I promise you will come to know Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as you never imagined you could! You will be excited when you begin to realize that you are learning directly from the Holy Spirit!  You will find that the word and ways of our Father are drastically different than the world’s words and ways.  You will find answers to questions. You will also encounter His calls to repentance and change towards His better Life.  I encourage and exhort you to study the Word of God (the Bible) for yourself.

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