Back to the First Foundation – Is Church Your Foundation?

These last few weeks we have been studying how to build our Rock foundation.  So where does the “church” fit in?  If we make the church our foundation, we are on shaky ground.  The church is not supposed to be the foundation.  I am not founded on the “church”.  Yeshua/Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Heavenly Father are the rock foundation.  The church is supposed to be built on the foundation of the Rock.

Let’s clarify “church”.  The church is the temple of God, the house of the Holy Spirit.  He lives in us and through us.  As followers of Yeshua/Jesus, we are the church both individually and assembled together.  It is a family gathering.  It is the followers of Jesus assembling in order to worship God, come together to know Him more, share, minister to one another and to the world.  It is NOT just a building, a denomination, a social gathering or a charity organization. The “church” is meant to be Gods’ people and His good plan for family fellowship.

It is an assembling together of the body of Christ under His Headship. We follow Yeshua/Jesus the head. He is the foundation. We are the body (operating parts) of Christ. We work together as one even when we have different gifts and purposes.  It is good and beneficial that we love, cooperate, share with, and serve one another….especially when one part is hurting, weak, troubled, or in any other storm.  We rejoice, worship, learn, and pray together.  Fellowship is helpful for those who are younger in faith so that the more mature may disciple them grow in faith.  Church is the family of our Heavenly Father with Yeshua/Jesus as the Head and the Holy Spirit as the Leader.  So, church God’s way is very, very good!

The church is also God’s plan for ministering to the world.  It is wonderful to invite guests into our family assemblies so they can see for themselves how we live and how good it is.  It is good for us to go out together into the world and preach the good news of Yeshau our Savior with His true Word and do His good deeds in a hurting, dying, lost world.  That is the good body of Christ following the Head and His instructions.

This type of church is great!  It is a blessing!  But the only way a church can be a blessing is if it has the Rock foundation of our Savior Yeshau/Jesus, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and the Heavenly Father in authority.  God MUST be priority and the Rock foundation, the church is not the foundation.  Believing the church is the foundation of your faith is deception.  No church can get you to the Father’s kingdom in heaven.  Relationship with Yeshua/Jesus is the ONLY Way, the ONLY true foundation…and that is personal!

For more personal study on this, you could go to and search the words “church”, “fellowship”, “temple”, “foundation”, “cornerstone” and read the New Testament verses.

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