Huge Deception In The World – Know Your Enemy

You may have been surprised concerning deception in the church.  The deception in the world is much, much greater.  Once your eyes are opened and you see it, you will be amazed that you have been living in it unaware.  Satan has greater opportunity to work his plans in the world.  He even has a camp of those who assist him.

His goal has always been to be god above the Heavenly Father, Yahweh.  He has been and still is working towards a one world government to serve him and a one world religion to worship him. He has been working on his plan for at least 6000 years; so he has had time to build a huge system.  He has done a great deal of this underground, in secret, mysteriously, and deceptively; but today is coming out in the open.  It is time to wake up and prepare; to be sure our foundation is built on the Rock.

I cannot encourage you strongly enough to watch and listen to a youtube documentary called “Know Your Enemy” by The Fuel Project.  This series is broken down into 77 videos, each about 10 minutes.  So, you can watch at your own pace.  It will be better than any movie or TV show you could ever watch!!!

It informs about satan’s work in the world since the Garden of Eden until today…from the perspective of a follower of Jesus/Yeshua.  If you do this, you will have huge benefit in understanding the days we live in; you will be able to recognize deception around you and not fall into its traps; you will better understand the Word of God (the Bible); and it will equip you to share what you have learned with others (even if it is just passing along this youtube series for others to watch).

The weekend is just ahead….maybe you can get started?  Just search “know your enemy fuel project”.



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