Why Be Concerned About Deception?

Why am I so concerned about deception?  Because I love and care about people.  Deception steals, destroys and kills, even those with the best intention and strongest convictions!   With all the deception in the world is there any doubt that bad things are going to happen to even good people – maybe just because they are deceived and not living in truth?  In Hosea, it says that God’s people perish for lack of knowledge of the truth.  Do you see the necessity of building a Rock foundation on TRUTH to withstand the storms?

Deception has been around since satan deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden!  It is alive and well today.  Deception is evil and ugly, even if it looks good on the outside.  In reality, not everything is happy and nice like unicorns, flowers, and peace signs….even if we want to always think positive!  I am not being negative; I am being realistic in truth.  Hiding our heads in the sand or denying that we might possibly be deceived about some things will not help.  Learning and facing hard truth will bring positive consequences.  Wisdom is searching for the hard truth, repenting of error, and adjusting our lives to the Father’s ways!  It is a narrow road that few find….the worldly road is wide with many options and opinions.

Today with increased availability to “other ideas” through technology, communications and higher education, we have much to sort through.  How will we know what is true?  How will we know who and what to believe? How will we know we are not being deceived?  Is truth important to you?


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