Have the True and Right Foundation – Summary Matt. 5: 3-5 Study

Now, you know why it is important to have a personal relationship with Yeshau/Jesus AND to hear personally from the Holy Spirit as confirmed by the Word of Father God!  You do NOT want to be ignorant of satan’s devices.  You should not follow blindly.  Guard yourself from deception. Wide is the path that leads to destruction.  Narrow it the true way that leads to life.  The only way is to KNOW who you serve, what He says (His Word), and what ways/standards He says to live by….for yourself by personal conviction and knowledge of the Word of God.  Hosea says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6.

Read again Matthew 5: 3-5. First, recognize that you are poor in spirit without Jesus and turn to Him as your Savior and Way into the kingdom of heaven.  Repent and mourn over your sin, asking for the Holy Spirit to come and teach you the new Way and to be your comfort and strength. Then, humble yourself to the Word of the Heavenly Father (the Truth) as the Holy Spirit leads and teaches you to live in righteousness (right thinking and right doing).

Your foundation is NOT on the church organization, but rather your first foundational Rock is on Yeshua/Jesus.  Church alone will not get you into the kingdom of heaven.  This is all by personal relationship and personal revelation.  The church is not the foundation.  The church is people who are supposed to be built on the Rock foundation!  We need to keep our priorities and thinking right. Even a very, very good leader and a very, very good church will not be your way to the Father’s eternal kingdom.  You need to be in His family for yourself…invested in it….faithful to it…already living in it.  Jesus/Yeshua by personal relationship is the ONLY WAY, the ONLY ROCK foundation!

Once you have the right foundation as priority, then go search for a church, a fellowship, an assembly of followers of Yeshua/Jesus….with a leader who talks and looks and acts like a Good Shepherd, especially one who teaches and preaches the Word of God….. and people who demonstrate in their lives that they are followers of Jesus/Yeshua.  The fellowship of the true family of Father God is very beneficial and such a blessing.  That assembly of followers can be anywhere.  In the early church, they met in their homes.  The true church is not a specific building, or a specific religious organization, or denomination, or leader.  Be sure, the Father knows those who are His children, those who are building on the Rock of His Son Jesus/Yeshua!

1 Corinthians 3:16, “Do you not know that you are the temple of God and the Spirit of God dwells in you?”


One thought on “Have the True and Right Foundation – Summary Matt. 5: 3-5 Study”

  1. Church does not ensure your faith and salvation but you are far to judgmental on churches. Churches that are bible based can lead people to Christ too. People are the church, so judgement belongs to the Lord. Praying for wisdom and knowledge of the Bible is imperative but do not shun churches for the sinners that go to seek the Lord.


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