Righteousness – Bread from Heaven

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be satisfied.”  Matthew 5:6

According to Webster’s dictionary, righteousness means: “acting in accord with divine moral law, free from guilt or sin”.  Another way to define it is “Father’s right way of thinking (Word), being (character), and doing (behavior).”

By definition, it tells us that there is a right way as established by Creator Father God. The right way is His way….not my way, what I think or what I want or what I feel.  Truth is NOT relative!  Truth is not grey.  Righteousness is not a mixture.  Righteousness is all white, all truth, and doing it that way.

We can see this in reality.  When I bake bread, I must have all the correct ingredients and follow the recipe. What if my one little teaspoon of yeast is no longer active and alive?  It is only a little corrupted…why would that little bit matter?  What if I decide I am too tired to knead the dough 8 minutes and only knead it 2 minutes?  Will I get a good result?  Does it really matter?

To get good results, I need to

  1. know the recipe (truth in the Word of God)
  2. have all the ingredients (whole counsel of the Word of God)
  3. make sure none of the ingredients is corrupted (repent of sin and standing in relationship with Jesus/Yeshua and His righteousness)
  4. follow the instructions (obedience)

Does this sound to you like the foundation we are building?  Have a relationship with Jesus/Yeshua and He will give you the Holy Spirit to comfort, teach, and reveal the Word (Truth) of the Heavenly Father to you (Matt. 5:3-5).  Now verse 6 tells us to hunger and thirst to follow/obey what is right…..and we will be satisfied!  We have to be determined to have all the right stuff and do it right! Then, we will be satisfied with good Bread from Heaven!


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