Purpose and Satisfaction in Righteousness

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be satisfied.”  Matthew 5:6

Many question, “What is the purpose of life and my life in particular?”  It is often expressed with a sense of dissatisfaction.  Matthew 5:6 may give us a good answer.  Our purpose is to come to know righteousness!  First, we must come to know right standing with the Father through Jesus His Son (first foundation).  Jesus/Yeshua is our positional righteousness.

Second, we need to learn righteousness in our character and behavior.  We are being prepared for eternity.  We could call this experiential righteousness.  We need to learn to think, be, and do right.  A parallel reality is raising and training a child.  We train by instruction and discipline so that a child will become an adult of right mind, right character, and right behavior.  So it is above, so it is below.  It is a real pattern of our Creator.

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your purpose in life?  Then, maybe it is time to hunger and thirst after righteousness!  Make it your passion and necessity!  Search the Word of God to know righteousness (right thinking, right character, right doing).  You need to injest it (absorb it in) for yourself.  And when you understand a message, then do it!  Be obedient to what the Holy Spirit teaches and reveals to you!  This is the good and narrow road of walking with God.

This verse implies that you will not be satisfied if you do not hunger and thirst after righteousness.  Ignorance destroys your life and hurts those around you.  The Bible calls that being a fool.  And if you are disobedient (know what is right, but do not do it); then, you are about to learn the hard way!  I am sure we have all learned the hard way in life’s travels whether due to ignorance or disobedience.  I am also sure we would all rather have learned the easy way….through following righteous/good instructions (obedience to wisdom).

My purpose is to continually humble my “self” to Yeshua/Jesus who is the Righteousness, the Way, the Truth, the Life.  In that relationship, I am made right with my Heavenly Father.  Therefore I continually strive to learn from and be obedient to the Holy Spirit, His Counselor. I hunger and thirst for His righteousness daily as my necessary food and drink….the Word is my Bread of life and my Living Water!  And when I humble myself, I find I am truly satisfied and have good life! (But, I am human and still live in the flesh, so I also still learn the hard way sometimes…hopefully less frequently as I grow in Him and in His Word.)    Do you know your purpose in life?


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