What Standard of Righteousness?

First, we need to decide in our own lives if there really is a true standard of righteousness.  If I really believe that my Heavenly Father has standards of righteousness, then how am I going to know them?  I would say the only way to know His standards is to know Him and listen to/learn His Words (the Bible).  That is how children come to know their father’s standards of right thinking, right character, and right doing/behavior. Right?

Second, we need to decide if we are really going to seek for Him and His standards as our necessity.  I might think I am too busy…or maybe I know what it means to be moral and I am a good person, so no need to do any more….or maybe I am a Christian, what else would I need…or maybe some other reason to not seek Him and His righteousness.  Is it really all that important as food and water that I need to hunger and thirst for it daily?

If we do not earnestly seek to know our Heavenly Father and His righteousness, then we will not know truth and we will be deceived.  We live in a fallen world.  We will believe something is right (righteous) when it is not.  For example, if I had never heard of Eggs Benedict and someone served me a fried egg on toast topped with cheese and called it Eggs Benedict…..then that would be my standard for Eggs Benedict.  If I did not search it out any further, I would always believe it to be the true Eggs Benedict.  What a surprise when I go to an excellent restaurant and order Eggs Benedict and get the real thing!  How satisfying!

If we run our lives based on what the world or others say is right and moral, then we are likely ignorant of our Heavenly Father’s righteousness standards.  Do you know His righteousness personally?

Today’s western culture says to think what you want, be who you want, do what you want.  It is pervasive in all media and entertainment.  How many songs can you recall that promote the “me” message? I am strong. I am invincible.  I am a survivor.  I am special.  I am…I am…I am….etc.   Also notice how often the “I feel” message is the focus.  This “me” worldview is also taught to us and our children in more formal settings.  It is feeling based, self-actualization, assertiveness training, counseling, and education.  In days past, this was called “narcissism”. It means self-focused, selfishness; excessive interest in oneself; craving admiration; vanity; focus on personal appearance; grandiose view of personal talents; self-centeredness; self-love, self-absorption, self-love.  The world is saying this is good.  Yet, this is really the moral standard of humanism….where man is god unto himself.  This is the same deception Satan used when tempting Adam and Eve that they could be like God.

If we do not hunger and thirst for our Heavenly Father’s righteousness, we will be deceived like the rest of the world.  We will not know the complete truth.  Yes, we are special as the creation and children of God; but not in order for us to be self focused. It only takes a little twist to mean I am accepting counterfeit as truth.  We can never really be satisfied with the counterfeit.  Only the real thing, the true thing, the real righteousness, will bring real satisfaction…..the way our Creator meant it to be.

His standard of righteousness has this basic guideline…. Love the Lord your God with all your hear, with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength; and your neighbor as yourself.  Our example is Jesus who never lived a self-focused life, but rather a life of service, yet in truth.  He taught us that righteousness all begins in the heart.  If the heart is good, it will bear good fruit….and result is being satisfied.  But, beware of white washed tombs that look good on the outside but inside are full of dead mens’ bones.  That will never end in satisfaction, but rather in destruction.

So, it truly is important for us to personally pursue and partake of (absorb into ourselves) Him and His righteousness as our daily necessity!



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