Unrighteousness Brings Destruction

When I strive to know truth and make right (righteous) choices, then I get good and satisfying consequences.  When I am ignorant, deceived, or just choose what I want, and make wrong choices, I get destruction.  This is hard truth. This is reality.

This is a constant battle in this fallen world.  Paul discusses it in Romans 7-8.  Even when I know better; it is a battle with what my flesh “self” wants.  Following the flesh/self brings temporary pleasure, but eventually destroys.

Nature also demonstrates that decay usually happens little by little.  Food perishes.  People get old.  Things wear out.  But, Satan deceives us with:  Just a little won’t hurt.  Be nice and compromise, just a little.  You should tolerate wrong choices people make so that you can show them love and grace. But if we listen to his lies, then we will find ourselves in moral decay, little by little getting worse and leading to destruction.

Not striving to know truth and making right (righteous) choices, will lead to complacency and apathy towards righteousness/morality and eventually towards God.  We start to reap the consequences whether individually or as a society.  Our foundations shake, storms come, and things begin to fall.

Now we have 2 choices.  We can either repent and turn back to our Heavenly Father and His ways of truth and righteousness….or we can rebel and do what we want. If we repent and turn back to God, that is called revival.  We can build a new foundation on the Rock!  Do you see how this is reality and not just philosophy?



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