Application of Truth/Righteousness by My Example

What I share in this blog is what I am learning via my time with the Holy Spirit.  I share in hopes that the truth I am learning will also help others.  In this message, I make myself even more open in demonstrating by example how truth is applicable in real life. This message is long, but then maybe only those serious about pursuing righteousness will read and I will not have made myself vulnerable to mockers.

Remember how we learned that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to convict us of sin, righteousness, and judgment (John 16:8)?  Here we are again as it applies to Matt. 5:6.

I am a follower of Jesus/Yeshua with all my best love, intensions, and trying my best….so my heart is right (righteous) and saved. I have the Holy Spirit in me. I desire to live in the Heavenly Father’s ways.  But I am still ignorant, deceived, and even rebellious about making choices because my flesh/self wants to.  That is why our Heavenly Father makes a way for His children in real repentance and confession of sin while we are in training….and when we stay with Him and repent, He is faithful and just to forgive (1 John 1:9).

He gives us the Holy Spirit to teach, discipline and train us in righteousness.  I live under a new law….the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1-2).  The old law could not save me or control my flesh.  Now the moral law I live under is the Holy Spirit inside my inner being/heart.  That does not mean that God’s moral laws have changed because God does not change.  The 10 commandments are still valid.  The Holy Spirit will still teach and exhort us to God’s moral laws that never change.

But, now there is more than law written on paper.  God has written His law in our heart. There is no moral law that says, “Thou shalt not eat sugar.”  But, I now live under the “law” or authority of the Holy Spirit who lives in me.  And if He says, “You should not eat sugar”, then it is in my best interest, the right (righteous) way for me, and I should obey so that I might have good long life and satisfaction.

I can be doing a lot of right things and making a lot of right choices, but being wrong in even one little thing can destroy and kill me.  My personal battle is making right (righteous) food choices.  When I eat vegetables and good proteins in meat and eggs, then I reap health and lose extra weight.  When I eat sweets and starches, it gives temporary pleasure, but I reap overweight and poor health and it can eventually kill me.  It is fact.  It is truth.  I know better, why don’t I just do what is right (righteous)?

Well, it tastes good.  It comforts me and makes me feel better.  Everyone else is eating sugar and carbohydrates.  I am free to eat whatever I choose, right?  Starches are cheaper than proteins.  I am hungry and tired and want something quick. Every restaurant entices me with foods full of sugar and starches, how can I resist?  What am I supposed to eat at potlucks and holiday celebrations?  Can’t I treat myself now? There are a lot of excuses for my flesh, but truth is still truth.  This is not easy for me.  I am still learning and working on it.

My Heavenly Father does not forsake me when I fail. BUT, He does love me so much that He teaches me and perseveres to discipline me that I might repent and change and move towards more abundant life!  That is His mercy in operation!  He does not tolerate sin because He loves the sinner.  I am still His child, even when ignorant or deceived or rebellious.  But, that wide way will destroy me if I don’t change and go His way.  The truth in the Bible (God’s Word) is for our every day reality!

Your battle may not be the same as mine.  But, hopefully you are aware of satan’s devices…or otherwise I am concerned your problem might be pride.  We need to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit when the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, righteousness, and judgment.  We will reap what we plant. When we work with God in this battle, we become overcomers of sin and are set free from its bondage.  Being under the authority of the Holy Spirit is not confining, it is being enabled to be free from sin so that we are not in bondage to sin.

The world has it wrong when they proclaim their freedom to sin and do what they want.  That way is actually bondage to sin, destruction, and death.  So, if I really love those people in the world, shouldn’t I be telling them the truth about what is sin and its consequences?  Or should I just be nice and tell them it is “OK” to be who you want to be?  After all, God loves everyone just the way they are, right?  I hope you now know the true answers to those questions.  I hope sharing my personal battle with the flesh will also encourage and exhort you to keep up the good fight of faith!

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