Are You Self/Flesh Motivated Too?

I shared with you my battle with the flesh/self desires.  The Bible says that all sin and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).  So the answer is that we are all self/flesh motivated.  Where is your battle in righteousness today?  Where do you need to be “on guard” and “in training”?  It can happen in any area of life.  Evil will find any open door.  It might be in what you expose yourself to in music, TV, movies, computer videos/games, yoga, hypnotism, or even education, art, and dance.  It may be in alcohol, smoking, drugs, or sex.  It may be in socially aligning with people of worldly character.  It may be in gossip.  It may be in having the wrong focus on things and appearances.  It may be in materialism, possessions, and shopping.  It may be a focus on accumulating money.  It may be in being in control of everything yourself or manipulating others to get your way.  It may be lack of having control of your “self” emotions either in anger, worry, fear, or romance.  It may be in what you say, either in vain empty words, swearing, or “little white lies”.  I have fought some of these things and/or know others who have fought some of them….and I am sure the list could be longer.  These are only some battles we might be aware of and know are wrong (not righteous).

We can also be deceived and think we are doing right (righteousness), but actually doing it wrong.  We can be so nice that we do not confront wrong by speaking the truth in love.  That would be like a doctor telling someone they are OK when in fact they have cancer.  We may believe everyone is special and so however they decide to live is OK.  That is like telling someone it is OK to be homosexual without informing them of all the dangers and consequences to that lifestyle and not offering them a better solution. We can be giving to charity for public show, but not pursuing God in relationship and really loving our neighbors.  That would be like a business or organization using their charity as an advertising gimmick.  We can be so full of what we think is grace, that we condone sin.  That would be like telling women that abortion is OK when we are really condoning murder.  Paul warned that grace is not an excuse to go on sinning.

Satan has many ways to trip us up. Deception is tricky.  We have to pursue (hunger and thirst) for truth and righteousness and then obey it…. if we are going to be satisfied and have abundant life.

So where is “self” taking over in your life and your pursuit of righteousness?  What temptations are you battling?  Or are you just now discovering that your battle has been in your being unaware of satan’s devices and deceptions?  Take time to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you where you are under attack.  Then ask Him to reveal the truth and righteousness to you and lead you into being an overcomer in that area. He is faithful to help us in our weaknesses!  He is not out to dictate laws and condemn us, He is helping us to know truth and change our hearts!  He is helping us to be free from sin and death and the power of the devil!  Righteousness is good and has good rewards/consequences!  He is a faithful Helper!

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