Western Culture – Hungering for Righteousness?

We have been thinking about some “stuff” for which we might personally hunger and thirst (not all are wrong behaviors, sometimes just in wrong priority).  We have also asked ourselves, “Am I really hungering and thirsting for righteousness?”

Now, let’s consider the world around us.  Can you see the battle we are facing in our Western culture concerning what we are encouraged to pursue?  Do you see the accompanying decline in morality and tolerating/compromising with wrong (unrighteous) choices?  Look closely and you will see that our Western culture embraces and even encourages the flesh (self).  Plus, it is removing Father, Son, and Holy Spirit from our society.

A great leap towards the self-centered lifestyle was made in the 1960’s with the Hippie generation.  Its theme was “free to be me”.  A new generation was encouraged to break out from authority and do what “I” want…the “me generation”.   They labeled it love, peace, joy, and going-back-to-nature.  Sounds good and like a lot of fun, right?  But, it brought with it the idea that there are no moral absolutes, so immorality grew.  This is especially true in the areas of lust, sex, and abortion.

Another leap was made in the 1980’s with the promotion of a self-focused humanistic philosophy being taught in our public schools as self-esteem, self-actualization, and feeling based decision making. It was called “Values Education”.  Sounds good, right?  Morality had been declining, so why not teach values?  However, it was not God’s moral standards.  It was based on what I think is moral or what a consensus of people think is moral.  Man becomes god.  Now, we have a population of adults believing it is good and OK to live based on self and what feels good and what seems nice.  Everyone has a choice and it free to choose.  Everyone can say what they want, think what they want, and do what they think is good and moral.  Everyone is special so we need to tolerate everyone’s morality.  They were not taught the truth.  Real love tells the truth and says….righteousness leads to a satisfied life….unrighteousness leads to destruction.  Now knowing the truth, you make your decision what to pursue.

What happens next?  What happens when our children and grandchildren are raised in that fallen selfish and humanistic morality and do not know the truth?  How can they know the truth without anyone speaking about it?  And what part will the new technological era play in affecting their lives and spreading this worldly message?  Do you think today’s media and technology is leading us to righteousness – right thinking, right character, and right doing/behavior?

Deception increases and multiplies like a little leaven in a lump of dough! With time it spreads and infiltrates everywhere.  I am highly concerned that our Western culture has left its Christ-centered foundations and is now traveling down the wrong and wide road that leads to destruction….little by little it grew to now being out of control.  So, now what?


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