We Need A Hero!

Are Christians and churches saying anything about the unrighteousness in our world or how to overcome it?  Some Christians and churches just go along with popular opinion during the week and continue to speak and sing in church about peace and love and grace (the twisted definitions that tolerate unrighteousness).  Who is really pursuing righteousness with great hunger and thirst?  Who is standing up for truth and righteousness?  We need a hero!

Do you see the problem? What do you think followers of Jesus/Yeshua should be saying?  I am thinking we need some prophets and teachers and pastors who will rise up in our land to bring us back to truth and righteousness! I am not speaking of the kind of false prophets who claim they can tell the future or leaders who tell everyone that everything is great and everyone is blessed because God is love. Nor, am I talking about those who are legalistic and create a whole system of man-made rules.

Rather, we need the Biblical true prophet who boldly preaches about truth, repentance, and revival in hearts and actions! They speak under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and encourage others to live personally by the Holy Spirit. These are true prophets who speak the truth in love and warn that if there is no repentance and change, then bad consequences follow.  This is not because God is such a harsh judgmental dictator.  It is just fact that the consequences/results of sin and evil are destruction and death. God sends true prophets to warn us because He is full of love and mercy and by His grace has made a way for us to turn from sin and towards His salvation in Jesus. We have been given the Holy Spirit so that we might listen to Him, overcome the wrong way, and learn to live the right way.  It is a powerful blessing!

People need to know about building the foundation of their life on the Rock Jesus.  It is the only way of salvation.  And it comes by changing hearts to love Jesus/Yeshua. He is our Righteousness. And then we need to learn self-control and train to seek for and walk in His righteousness by the Holy Spirit’s lead.  Our Creator Father does have right, good, moral, true, and just standards.  How foolish that we would not want to hunger and thirst after Him and His righteous thoughts and ways. There is no way to be right (righteous) without Jesus/Yeshua and the Helper Holy Spirit!  He is our hope!  He is our victory!  He is our abundant and eternal life! He is our Righteousness!  Let’s hunger and thirst for Jesus/Yeshua and His Word and His ways!

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