Living In Righteousness

Today I learned about applying righteousness.  So, this part 1 begins with a little summary of what we have learned.  But, we should not just read and learn about righteousness.  We need to apply what we learn in our real life.  How do I live in righteousness?

It begins with knowing truth.  Jesus is the first foundational truth we need to know.  He said of Himself, “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life.  No man comes to the Father (who is Righteousness) but by Me.”  We need to know this truth and then submit to Truth and live by Truth.  That is applying Jesus to our lives.  Jesus saves us from bondage to satan and the world so that we can now come under the authority of the Heavenly Father in a new family and a new kingdom in righteousness.  We now are empowered to live the right way!

Yeshua/Jesus is our Savior and Lord, our primary Rock foundation. He has made the way for us to be in right-standing (righteousness) with our Creator Father.  When we are His children, this position is established and He will never leave or forsake us, His children.

But, now that we have been made righteous through the blood of Jesus, we are to abide/live in Him.  We have the opportunity to live in righteousness.  Yet, we need to be trained in this righteousness (right way of living) in which we now belong. It is different than the way of the world or the way of the flesh.  We need to learn His truth and likely unlearn some things we thought were right but were really wrong.

Jesus did not leave us orphans concerning this.  He sent the Holy Spirit to help us!  So, we need to welcome the Holy Spirit and talk with Him and get to know Him!  He uses the Bible (God’s Word) as an instruction manual.  We need to read it and listen to what the Holy Spirit teaches us through God’s Word….and when we understand, we need to apply it in our life!  This is a learning and growing process….through knowledge and experience.

Righteousness all ties back into our previous Rock foundation verses which built on Jesus, Father, and Holy Spirit.  More next time in how we actually apply His righteousness in our lives.

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