Feast of Trumpets – warning of righteousness and judgment

Now is the perfect time to examine yourself concerning righteousness.  Sept. 9 begins God’s Feast of Trumpets.  For the past 6 months a trumpet was sounded every month to remind God’s people that the day of His judgment is coming.  Now, we are at the sound of the 7th and last trumpet!  We now have only 7 days before the Day of Atonement.  The Day of Atonement is The Lord’s Day of judgment.

So, beginning Sept. 9, it is strongly encouraged for people to pray and do a self-examination with the help of the Holy Spirit.  If conviction comes, then we should repent and pray.  It is a time to come clean in the blood of Yeshua/Jesus!  If we have been made aware of anywhere we need to make restoration to any other person, then we should do it.  We have been made righteous in the blood of Yeshua/Jesus, but we should have the goal to maintain and grow in being righteous by experience also.

This is part of preparing the way for the Lord Yeshua!  It is part of preparing ourselves as His Bride!  Be prepared so you can joyfully declare, “Come Lord Yeshua!” .


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