Revival in America?

It seems to me that revival is about bringing back to righteousness.  Revival is first of all personal, but it can also be national. We sing and pray for revival in our land.  We pledge our love and faithfulness.  We ask the Holy Spirit to fall on us and fill us to overflowing.  We pray for revival in those we love.  But do we really want to live it?  And are we willing to be part of the work to bring it about?  Jesus said, “GO and make disciples of all nations.”  Do we just sit and sing and pray, but never GO?  It is not easy to GO and do.  It is not easy to apply the Word of God and to speak it as truth.

Do we really want revival or do we just want a “revival celebration”? Do we just want to party without really changing? Do we realize that the only way for true revival is by coming to know truth, truly mourning and repenting of our wrong way (sin), to turn around and go the right (righteous) way through obedience in order to build on the Rock? Are we willing to face the ridicule and persecution of the world who does not want to know righteousness?

The nation of America is far from righteousness.  There are followers of Jesus in America, but as a nation we have become sinful and corrupted.  Most have not built their life on the Rock.  They are not in His house or under the protection of the Almighty Creator.

America is proud and arrogant.  America is humanistic at best and violent at worst.  America consumes all the wealth of the world while many live in poverty and starve.  America is unwilling to repent, but rather declares they will rise above anything or anyone themselves.  America’s money says “In God we trust”, but its symbols portray another pagan god and its societies, not the One True God.  High leaders say “God bless America” as a sacrifice of praise, but their heart is not in it. America says it is a Christian nation, but its focus is on the lust of the flesh (lasciviousness and immorality), the lust of the eyes (greed and materialism), and the pride of life (power, control and patriotism).  The nation of American has become a “white washed tomb full of dead men’s bones”. I believe even the American church has become sleepy and comfortable, even focusing on entertainment and worldly things.

Have you ever read the Old Testament to see how Creator God dealt with His people Israel when they moved away from Him in this same way?  He sent prophets to correct and warn them.  Did Israel listen?  Did they repent and turn from their wicked ways to follow God and His righteousness?  No.  They continued going to the synagogue with singing and sacrifices…only to go out and live like the world.  During the week, they even participated in pagan festivals and services!  What could God do to correct these rebellious and stubborn people?

Sometimes to remodel, you need to take down the old to build up the new.  The prophets tried to warn the people, but they would not listen and even ridiculed and persecuted those prophets.  So, God took down Israel through war and captivity and disaster.  But, we can also learn from the people of Nineveh who heeded the warnings of Jonah, the prophet, and did repent!

Will American pay attention and heed the prophets’ warnings that they have separated themselves from God and His protection?  Will they come to their senses and see that they are standing on “shaky foundations”?  If not, when disaster, storms, and trouble come, what will people do?  Will they just continue believing there is no God and rebuild their self made foundation and structures?  Will some people blame God and walk away from Him? Or will some realize that they are “poor” without Him and repent and run to Him?  It makes an eternal difference.  We must build on the Rock!

Choose this day who you will serve… for me and my house, we will serve the Lord……Joshua 24:15.

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