Righteousness and The Day of The Lord

We have been learning that Jesus has made atonement for our sins so that we are made righteous in Him.  We can now come into relationship with holy God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Our task is to now live in that righteousness by following His words and ways. When we fail, we repent and work on change.  We walk in a love relationship.

Even so, the Bible tells us that the Day of the Lord is coming when all people will be judged before His throne.  If you have been made righteous in Jesus, then your name is written in the Lamb’s book of life and your sins and vain works will be burned up with fire, but you will be saved for eternity with Him and be rewarded/commended for the good things you did in your earthly life.

If you are not under Yeshua/Jesus, then you are judged sinful before the holy God and will be forever confined in hell with satan and his followers.  This is a terrible and dreadful day for those people.  This is called the Lord’s Day of Atonement.  If you have not accepted Jesus sacrifice to atone for your sins, then you must atone for them yourself!  Repentance and forsaking of pride will not seem so adverse in that day, but it will be too late.

The Creator Father appointed holy days to help us stay in line and remember Him, His plan and purposes.  His holy days all point to Jesus.  Jesus said He came to fulfill the law and the prophets.  These holy days were part of Jewish law.  Jesus fulfilled the Spring holy days called “Unleavened Bread” (sacrifice without sin), “Firstfruits” (first of many in His harvest), and “Passover” (sacrifice of the spotless lamb to forgive sin and save life).  Fifty days later came Pentecost, which was fulfilled with the Holy Spirit coming to live in the followers of Yeshua/Jesus and the birth of the church.

Yeshua will also fulfill the last 3 holy days.  They foreshadow and point us to His second coming.  They are “The Feast of Trumpets” (we will be caught up with Him at the last trumpet); “The Day of Atonement or The Day of the Lord” (God’s judgment of evil and the unrepentant); “The  Feast of Tabernacles” (Yeshua comes to tabernacle/live with us and reigns as King on earth for 1000 years.)

We no longer are required to keep these Jewish holy days as commanded in the Old Testament with all their rules and sacrifices.  Yeshua/Jesus has become our atoning sacrifice already.  We now do not live by law, but by a new a living way.  We live with the Holy Spirit inside our hearts to show us the way to go.  But, that does not mean these holy days are no longer significant to God!  They bring us to remembrance of the Father’s plan and are all pointing us to remembering Yeshua/Jesus, His Son!  We should keep these days as a holy reminder and inspiration to live in the messages they give….with honor, thanksgiving, repentance, love, faith, and hope!

I do not need one special holy day to do this.  I should be honoring, thanking, praising, repenting, loving, trusting and hoping in Him every day!  But, today as the Jewish Day of Atonement reminds me of the soon coming judgment before the Throne of Father God with Yeshua/Jesus on the right hand.  It requires some serious contemplation and meditation.  The Lord’s Day is at hand.  We must be prepared.



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