Does Mercy Allow Evil?

Is our Heavenly Father full of mercy?  Yes. Does our Heavenly Father allow evil?  He allows people to choose evil.  But, He is holy and does not allow or tolerate evil in His presence.  He does not say “You’re OK…..just the way you are”.  Actually, His mercy and grace intends to set us apart from evil and lead us to good.  If it were not for His mercy and grace, we could not overcome evil!  His mercy and forgiveness gives us another chance to repent and change…. A fresh new start!  His mercy is for our good change!

True love and mercy is similar to a parent who corrects their child over and over again about the same issue.  Does the parent “hold a grudge” and refuse to forgive?  Would you say to your child, “That was once too many times for me to forgive, now I am going to disown you!”  On the other hand, does the loving parent say, “Oh, honey, it is OK.  I love you just the way you are!”  NO. Does the loving and good parent ever quit trying to teach truth and correct while being full of mercy and grace?  NO, because their love is too great and keeps on keeping on for their child’s good.  This is the 70 x 7 answer Jesus gives to Peter in how many times to forgive (Matthew 18: 21-22). In mercy, good parents correct and give a fresh new start!  That is different than how the world describes and expects mercy.  Do you see the difference?


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