Being Pure in Heart

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”  Matthew 5:8

This verse attracted my attention early in life.  I had learned that my name Karen means “pure and beautiful”.  I had a great desire to be what my name called me.  So, the search was on….and it was a very long, long search!

What does it mean to be pure?  What does it mean to be beautiful?  I sure did not feel like I fit either of these descriptions.  I found some answers.

First, remember that we are studying the “beatitudes”.  These characteristics are what Jesus says make a person beautiful!  He looks on the heart.  So, I can be beautiful when I build my house on the Rock!  I can have a beautiful heart and a beautiful character and a beautiful countenance!  I can be a beautiful person!

Second, consider being pure.  My only hope in being pure is through Yeshua/Jesus and His blood shed to pay for my sin and impurity. This is the foundation of salvation.  I am saved from sin, death, and the power/control/bondage of the devil that I might be joined and in relationship with Yeshua/Jesus.  Then, in Him, I am restored to relationship with my Heavenly Father…and given a Helper in His Holy Spirit.  I am made pure in spirit, and then purified in mind, soul, and body.

My sin is washed away and I am no longer condemned.  BUT, that is no excuse to go back to or keep on sinning.  I have just switched kingdoms and kingdom standards and kingdom ways.  I must change from the corrupted worldly kingdom into the pure kingdom of heaven.  I need to cooperate and work at this new right way (righteousness).  I need to learn how to keep my heart pure…of one substance.  This is love that focuses purely on Yeshua/Jesus, my new Bridegroom.

This is my purpose, my call, and my challenge.  I am Karen….He calls me pure and beautiful…so I must do my best to be what He calls me to be.  Again it is the pure Truth in pure Love.

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