What Does Pure in Heart Mean?

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”  Matthew 5:8

That sounds spiritual, but what does it really mean?  I so want to see God!  I must know and get this.

Let’s begin with “pure”.  It is defined as “not mixed or adulterated with any other substance; free of any contamination”.  Wow!  Is that even possible?  Right away we realize that sin is what contaminates us.  Can anyone really be free from the mixture or contamination of sin in their heart?

Jesus is pure as the Heavenly Father is pure!  And in His purity, He paid the death penalty for all sin!  That is what salvation is all about!  When we make a covenant vow to be joined to Him, we are also made pure in and through Him!  In marriage, two become one.  Jesus/Yeshua is the Way to be restored to a pure and holy Heavenly Father.  We are now forgiven, made pure, and accepted in the Beloved Son.  And this is our free gift when we marry the Bridegroom! We did not earn this new relationship.  It was offered and received in love!

I am made righteous and pure in my union with Him.  My inner being (spirit, heart) is changed.  I am a new person.  I have taken a new name in my new covenant marriage relationship. I have a new family. I now also have access to go with the Bridegroom to see the Creator Father! Jesus has made me pure that I might come into the presence of Holiness.  I am now enabled to come to know Him.  Jesus/Yeshua is my new Way, my new Truth, my new Life!  This is just the beginning……

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